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  1. The MILITARY and NURSING???

    I know it is hard to make decisions based off of what your heart tells you but try your hardest to make these decisions because nobody can make these decisions and obligations but yourself. Giving you some insight on my personal experience, I am curr...
  2. New Job Anxiety

    Anytime you get out of your comfort zone, you will feel doubts, feel questionable, and feel scared. Embrace your decision and welcome this new job with open arms! I am on a medical-surgical floor now but came from an outpatient clinic and I loved it!...
  3. Dealing with a dirty old man

    If it's something direct and obviously intended to have a sexual inuendo behind it, I always remind my patients that those comments aren't professional and they can't say things like that, and they usually behave for me after that.
  4. I agree! Studying for nursing school was different than any other studying I've ever done. You'll find your technique that works the best for you even if it takes a few trial of techniques to get there ! Good luck!
  5. Advice on how to prepare for FNP program?

    Oh that's smart!! I will definitely do that! I'm nervous! lol!
  6. Hello All, I am starting an online FNP program (Herzing University) this upcoming May. I have read and bookmarked previous forums on some books to purchase to attempt to read and study between my studies; however, is there any advice as to preparatio...
  7. Gift for Preceptor and unit?

    When I went to school, I made a cheapy little thank you package for my preceptor and I think it's best to gear it to his/her personality. For example, my preceptor was really girly so I did a package with some cute nail polish, face masks, chapstick,...
  8. What is your biggest nursing pet peeve?

    When there's dried blood under the tegaderm of the IV. It drives me bonkers.
  9. best reference book for new grads

    Oh, happy (almost) graduation! I am in love with the clinical companion Med-Surg Nursing book by Lewis. Small enough to carry around, condense enough for quick reading on diagnosis and care for those patients! Hope this helps, good luck!
  10. I agree on all previous posts, 8 days is not a sufficient amount of time for a new-grad nurse in any setting to feel at all competent and it is most likely management's way to fix staffing issues by taking you off orientation. Of course, I agree with...
  11. What Are Private Conversations?

    Thanks for the info! New member here and wondering if it is 15+ topic thread new posts, or 15+ comment posts? thanks in advance !(:
  12. Waiting...

  13. Herzing University FNP program?

    Hi AprilJ90! I am very excited (in a not weird way) to have seen your post on this thread! I am a new nurse corps nurse and am scheduled to start the Herzing University FNP program. My chain of command is very supportive of my decision to start schoo...
  14. Hello! I am a new nurse and while I am still trying to find my feet on my medical-surgical ward, I still would love to stay up to date on new medicine and new evidence based practices. What do you find is the easiest way to stay up to date? Thanks in...