Advice on how to prepare for FNP program?

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Hello All,

I am starting an online FNP program (Herzing University) this upcoming May. I have read and bookmarked previous forums on some books to purchase to attempt to read and study between my studies; however, is there any advice as to preparation for the program? Things you know now that you wish you had known and did at the start of the program? I appreciate any guidance and advice, thanks in advance. (:



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Something that a lot of people told me was to purchase a used set of review CDs to listen to while on the road to/from clinical sites. I have the Barkley set and start my clinical semester in fall! Also, I would suggest seriously deep cleaning your house/apartment because it might be a while...and also maybe do some batch cooking if you have a family and freeze it so they have some decent food. I have already finished my MSN while working full time, and am about to enter a FNP certificate program.

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Oh that's smart!! I will definitely do that! I'm nervous! lol!



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Deep clean and batch cook. Love it!!


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Any updates on this program? How is it going? Would you do it again? Is it worth the cost? Do you feel prepared? etc etc

I have so many questions but those are the basics. I'm currently debating between schools and any information would be helpful.