Most efficient, easy way to stay UTD on new medicine?!


Hello! I am a new nurse and while I am still trying to find my feet on my medical-surgical ward, I still would love to stay up to date on new medicine and new evidence based practices. What do you find is the easiest way to stay up to date? Thanks in advance!

P.S. Any advice, guidance is greatly appreciated!

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One of the ways I learn about new meds is to look up any new meds I encounter. Usually with a drug handbook/ online resource initially but I often jot down the med name and check out more in depth resources later off the clock - with new meds manufacturer's websites are great sources of info. Also, see if through your employer you have a way to access professional journal articles online through a scholarly search engine. Check with colleague education if you're unaware of how to do this.

I also learn tons from reading general nursing magazines (Nursing 2017 and Nursing made Incredibly Easy are two but there are more) - both related to meds and EBP.

Professional associations are also a great source of info - both in print resources and online. I'm in a different specialty, but I'm betting there is at least one medical/ surgical nursing association.

It's great that you're interested in learning about new meds and EBP - this is a great way to improve patient care. Also learn the process at your work to recommend reevaluation of policies/ procedures to implement EBP. At my work place, this is nurse driven:)

Good luck!