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  1. TNViking

    How many of you disinfect car after work?

    Disinfecting after every shift may be a little excessive. However, I do disinfect my drivers side seat, steering wheel, transmission, and gas/break pedals and flooring every now and then. I also refuse to wear my work shoes indoors, they are often left outside unless I wipe them down very well and carry them to my shoe rack. I also have a special place I keep my scrubs until they are ready to be washed. And I sanitize my phone with alcohol o.O.
  2. TNViking


    Certainly! I've met people who use some of these big name companies exclusively and they sound straight up brainwashed. I've heard things like "put this oil on your feet and it will help such and such!"-Doesn't make a lick of sense to me. On the other hand, I have an oil blend that I use as a muscle rub if I've had a particularly long day and am sore, it seems to help. I do think that EOs have some valuable uses, but I don't buy into the cure all thing either.
  3. TNViking

    Older Doctor doesn't think nurses should be in charge

    Has anybody seen that scene from Scrubs where the nurse asks "Doug ordered 500,000 mg of morphine, I thought I'd check with you before I killed a man." -I think that scene right there explains it all. But really, I view Doctors and Nurses as two separate disciplines. Sure, there was a time back in the olden days when nursing education wasn't as extensive. But these days, in my area its common to make recommendations to the doctors about what to do for the patient, since we are at the bedside and can actually see the pt.
  4. TNViking


    Truer words have not yet been spoken
  5. TNViking

    Nurse Charged With Homicide

    I live in Tennessee so this really hits home hard. Vanderbilt is our closest burn center. I have mixed feelings about this case, on one hand, vecuronium and versed are two completely different things; and from what I remember back in my ER and CCU days, I think paralytics such as that are clearly labeled with warnings. HOWEVER, I have compassion for her, because I wonder what her day that day was like. We all know what it is like to have the day from hell where you are short staffed, overloaded with acutely ill patients, and management is over here trying to push even more on you. Perhaps she was overwhelmed, perhaps she had a patient who was starting to go downhill, a new admit, and had to get this one down to radiology all at the same time. Its easy to make mistakes when we are at our wit's end. It was a horrible tragedy, but I'm not sure I agree with the charges of reckless homicide. Especially when these charges are brought forth by individuals who likely have never spent a day working as a nurse.
  6. TNViking


    Been doing a lot of research lately on essential oils and their efficacy, and it has me wondering what my fellow nurses believe. I have the book Clinical Aromatherapy: Essential Oils in Healthcare by Jane Buckle, RN and I find it very interesting. I personally use essential oils for myself and my friends & family. I believe that there really is some legitimacy to certain claims. However, I think there is also a lot of misinformation out there that certain companies are largely responsible for, making it somewhat difficult to easily obtain fact vs fiction. What are your thoughts????
  7. So, I am being considered for a management position at a facility much closer to home. I currently work as a staff nurse at another facility in a neighboring county. I love where I work and I love the people I work with, but I would really like to advance in my career. Where I am now, I have many friends, and I know if I leave I will be putting them in a bind. But at the same time, this position, if I get it will not only advance me in my career but is also much closer to home and better pay. I guess I just feel very guilty. Is there any advice or words of wisdom you can give me? I would love to hear it.
  8. Hello all! I am an RN who is still looking for my niche, I've worked in several bedside areas and in truth am trying to get away from direct patient care. I remember taking an informatics class in my BSN program, which I enjoyed. What is it like working in informatics? Where would one search for such a job? How is the pay compared to bedside nursing?