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  1. nznurse93

    RN providing total care for 4-5 patients

    I’m shocked by the responses. This is all I’ve ever known. 4-6 pt per RN, who does all cares. Normally there’s one CNA, but that’s to help with 6-7 RNS with 30-35 pt. So only really helps with pt that are 2x assist. Even then you generally have to find another RN to help you instead of the CNA. I think it manageable. Most of the time.
  2. nznurse93

    Unruly CNAs, how to get them moving?

    Calling them “your” CNAs for a start is not good and is probably shows how you treat them. They are there to do a job, not just run after you. Treat them with respect, thank them, and most importantly work as a team.
  3. nznurse93

    What's your favorite nursing task?

    Task wise, I like wound dsg and removing wound drains. I’m very bad at cannulating so when I get one in its very exciting. I’m much better at taking blood, but still get excited when I get it. Even more so when they have bad veins. I work in most departments of the hospital per diem, so I like seeing the same pt in different area and seeing what the outcome was. For example in one department I was there nurse when they were diagnose with cancer, then seeing them on the surgical floor a month later to find out that they removed the cancer and they don’t need further treatment and is cancer free.
  4. nznurse93

    I'm the bad guy for not working off the clock

    You’re not. But everyone else here is. You’re made out that they are the bad guy here though. we know very little about the situation. But People choosing to stay late, isn’t a terrible thing, if that’s what they want.Don’t expect to change the work place culture. I would much prefer friendly staff that enjoy what they do, but have poor time management; compared to what most people complain about on this site.
  5. nznurse93

    I'm the bad guy for not working off the clock

    Maybe youre not a good fit. But that’s not a bad thing. Every work place/ hospital department have there own way of doing things. There’s always an adjustment period, some things you will like and somethings you will hate. But generally you get used to things in time. I don’t think this situation is fair to bad mouth the other nurses. They are adjusting to you too. This is the way they’ve always done things, and it works for them. Either in time you will find your feet and get into routine that works for you and other staff. Or find that it’s just not you.
  6. nznurse93

    Top 15 Reasons NOT to go into Nursing

    Piss poor money *** hours, nights weekends and holidays rude doctors with large egos management without medical knowledge enforcing dumb policies co workers that are lazy and rude and complain about everything pt demanding everything. Treating nurses with no respect dealing with a lot of ‘gross’ things high stress short staffing most days are exhausting. Days off are for relaxing not having energy to do anything else. Stupid amount of unnecessary paper work never feeling good enough. Once you get a job as a new grad and get 1 year experienc, you need to move to a desired floor like Ed or icu, or get you masters degree. Or become a np, cns, educator, management. So on and so on. Dealing with difficult situations daily cancer diagnoses. Death. Pt self harm and over doses. Truma like stabbing ect. Turns out I can only think Of 13 reasons
  7. nznurse93

    What is your "thing" and how do you deal with it?

    Omg. Mines ostomy bags too. Never meet anyone else who has the same “thing” as me. Manage to avoid them for the last 2 years I’ve been a nurse. I know one day my luck will run out.
  8. nznurse93

    Question regarding minimum staffing

    Umm what? unfortunaty we see this time and time again, non medical staff making dumb decisions. It’s not till something drastic happens that they listen. Count yourself lucky you can leave.
  9. nznurse93

    Is working per diem worth it ?

    I would wait and see how the job goes before you go looking for another per diem job. Ive been working per diem for almost two years. At first I was worried like you, but it’s turned out to be a good thing. I have control over my roster. I dont have work night and holidays if I don’t want to. I can take leave when I please. And I’ve almost always had enough shift. Last December for about 3 weeks or so I wasn’t getting enough work, but meant I could enjoy the holidays for once, since I’ve always worked through them. I was a little worried at the time though, but financially it wasn’t an issue. Still earned enough over those weeks for my bills.
  10. Not a new grad, I was in 2017 when I made the username, and can’t seem to change my username now. Still think it’s a lame excuse. They suddenly remember after a drug test that they took the wrong medicine. Really???
  11. This sounds like a lame excuse to me. Instead of just owing up, you trying to tell us, as a nurse you just took the pills in front of you and didn’t notice it was a different pill at all? I’ve giving pills to 80 yr olds that aren’t all with it, but know instantly when there’s a new pill in the mix Or that you weren’t careful enough with the pills you were giving your self and your family that you took the wrong pills; And didn’t even realise it until the drug test? Even if this was true, I wouldn’t want to hire you. If you can be that careless with your own health, couldn’t imagine what you would be like with others. Being busy isn’t an excuse either for giving the wrong meds. Stop lying and get some help. Excuses won’t get you far.
  12. nznurse93

    Should I do my "year in med surg"?

    I 100% agree with the above poster. Don’t be afraid to stay in MH if that’s what you like.You can always change specialties in the future. Don’t believe people who say you’ll be stuck in MH forever if you don’t do med surg now. Do what’s right for you, having a job you like is much more important. also I would like to note, med surg isn’t as bad as everyone seems to make out. Yes you will have crazy, ***, emotional days, all nursing jobs do. But if you have a good staff culture on the floor you will learn heaps and have some really great day too.
  13. I think you just need to make her feel like part of the team and be nice to her. You don’t need to buy her anything. Just include her in things. And help her out while she gets settled into her role. If everyone there welcomes her, then she’ll be fine.
  14. nznurse93

    Been an RN for 1 year now, would you change jobs?

    I think this is easy. You about to have another baby and you don’t hate your job. Stay where you are, get your home life sorted. And when your ready start looking around at options. You have plenty of time for your career and to earn more money. You said family was really important, so focus on them for now. Your career will follow.
  15. nznurse93

    How to document sleeping on night shift

    I’m glad I’m not in the USA. Just writing that a pt slept seems like a big deal. All I write is: pt appears to have slept well. Nil concerns.
  16. nznurse93

    5 must-know tips for new RN

    1. Take care of your self. Have your breaks. Leave on time. Don’t do lots of extra shifts because you feel you can’t say no. This only leads to burn out. 2. Give it a full year before you make your mind up wether you like your job or not. To many new grads want to give up after a couple of months now. Give it time. It gets better. 3. Help out other nurses when possible. If they ask you to help with a quick job, unless dealing with a emergency, say yes. If you have nothing to do, go around the team and see if you can help them. Make sure everyone is ok before you leave. Helping others will make a good work environment, and means there will be others there to help when you need it. 4. Don’t hold back from things you don’t know or that scare you. If a pt is complex take the opportunity to learn. Don’t try pass it on. And if your scared to do something or have certain pt, just go for it. You will feel better afterwards and the next time the situation comes up you will be prepared. 5. You will have really *** days. You might think you need a new job. Or that you shouldn’t be a nurse. This is normal. Every new grad has those days. Take the good with the bad. Things will get better. Even as a experience nurse, I still have *** days. It’s all part of the job.