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  1. For international nurses wanting to practice in Canada

    Ontario, Canada
  2. For international nurses wanting to practice in Canada

    My report said 9% comparable as they couldn’t put my BSCN or HDip details in so the board then reviewed all and issued their report with whatever competency gaps. Don’t give up...see what the nursing board says. I am now registered but it took nearly...
  3. International Nurse in Canada

    This company may be able to help you with the process of getting registered. I didn’t use them as I was too far along the process when I discovered them.
  4. For international nurses wanting to practice in Canada

    I sat NCLEX RN and passed. Glad to say a process of nearly 6 years has come to an end.
  5. Surgical Oncology Vs Bone Marrow Transplant

    Hi there, congrats on the NCLEX results, I also passed the NCLEX RN on Jan 19! I have to irked as an RN in BMT since 2001 but due to moving from Ireland and UK to Canada I was unable to practice for the near 6 year process. I love working in BMT and ...
  6. TXBON and NCLEX

    I passed!!
  7. I used Saunders and UWorld. I did NCLEX this morning so still awaiting results. Computer stopped after 75 questions. I qualified as an RN in 1998 and worked until 2014 in staff nurse, nurse manager and CNS roles in haem onc. So I had to recap on a lo...
  8. TXBON and NCLEX

    Not in Canada ??
  9. Mark Klimek in person vs. Audio

    Be careful listening to audio recordings online. I was today and some were linked to inappropriate and unrelated websites and then as a result I may have had virus infect my phone. Just uploaded virus ware to deal with that....
  10. CNO: English Language Proficiency

    If it’s been a while I would check with CNO if they received your English proficiency paperwork. I discovered after 5 months that I had to get my employer to resend what she had sent and it took another number of months to process (all in all about 1...
  11. Oct 20, 2020 Hoping anyone or OP can update if they've successfully transitioned over to working as an RN in Canada. I just started my application today and plan on possibly living/working there (depends on what my Canadian SO and I decide in t...
  12. TXBON and NCLEX

    Just wondering how you got on? I test in about 2.5 weeks time... Any tips?
  13. NCLEX exam rescheduling?

    With full lockdown in Ontario, does anyone know whether NCLEX RN exams are still being held? I am scheduled to sit the NCLEX mid January....
  14. CNO evaluation process, I need help !

    I did 2 online courses at George Brown which regardless help get a better understanding of practicing in canada 1. Nursing in Ontario 2. Physical Assessment. I managed to avoid the IENCAP with these and job descriptions from all past employers. The c...
  15. CNO evaluation process, I need help !

    I was in a similar position regarding clinical practice, but luckily I could return to practice in my home country to meet the requirement. If you choose to stay in Canada, you will most likely have to do a full program with 400 clinical hours as par...
  16. For international nurses wanting to practice in Canada

    Very interesting article and pretty much correct! I am at the end of a application process thats taken 5.5yrs so far! IEN from Ireland but meeting the English Proficiency took some time. Practice hours were an issue as living in Canada since 2014 but...
  17. Kenyan nurse moving to Ontario - questions!

    Competency gaps identified by the CNO and thought I would have to do IENCAP so thought a physical assessment course would be beneficial for that. Didn't end up doing the IENCAP but found the physical assessment course very interesting and useful.
  18. Kenyan nurse moving to Ontario - questions!

    Hi there, I did 2 courses in George Brown College The 2 that I did were Nursing in Ontario & Health Asses...
  19. Kenyan nurse moving to Ontario - questions!

    No, I didn't do it. I was able to meet the educational requirement. I did think I would have to do it, so I did a physical assessment on line course through George Brown College in Toronto and also went to a study day with HealthForce Ontario. There ...
  20. College of Nurses of Ontario website hacked

    It's up and running again!
  21. Kenyan nurse moving to Ontario - questions!

    Start the process with the NNAS as soon as you can from Kenya would be my advice as it will be easier to get all documents while you are there. I learnt the hard way as did it after I moved to Canada. NNAS process took about a year for me as a result...
  22. CNO: English Language Proficiency

    I just received confirmation that I have met this requirement with the CNO. I just submitted letters and my own letter stating why I think I meet the requirement. Hope this is of some help. Best of luck!
  23. CNO: English Language Proficiency

    Hi there, Glad you were able to meet the english requirement via this route. I submitted references and letters last September and they are still reviewing it. I'm irish, so am surprised how long it is taking Covid or no covid. I hope I have me...
  24. UK to Canada Nurse - which province?

    Hi there, I am also an Irish RN registered in Ireland and held registration in UK also. I have been in Ontario 6yrs now and commenced the application process 5.5yrs ago. I am still not registered but have the authorization to sit NCLEX now. It's...
  25. College of Nurses of Ontario website hacked

    I discovered this the other day. I am an applicant and was trying to schedule my NCLEX but all on hold now until they are up and running.