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NurseKristen82 has 14 years experience as a BSN and specializes in Med-Surg Nursing.

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  1. NurseKristen82

    Best Agencies for FIRST TIME Travelers?

    Hello all- I’ve already read that there are no best agencies but I’ve also read that some are better for first time or newer travelers. I’m an experienced Med-surg/step-down RN with many years of Float Pool experience but I want to give myself the best opportunity to be successful in this new role. Any suggestions for me? TIA.
  2. Hello all- I am an experience Med-Surg RN looking to start traveling early 2022. In doing a ton of research right now and I’m interested in Trusted Health. They have pretty good social media presence and I’ve been learning a lot through their Webinars and facebook group, but I know that’s not enough. I’ve read that they’re a newer start up and they don’t use recruiter, but Nurse Advocates, who function in the same way and are RNs and do not get commission. However, I've also read that they’re are significant delays in response times. Has anyone used them before? What are you thoughts? Lastly, they said in a webinar that you will NOT usually be notified with an interview time and the unit Managers will just call you, so have yourself phone on and answer it and be ready. That’s seems nuts to me right now. Is that normal for traveling? TIA.
  3. NurseKristen82

    New Nurse Manager, previously in low level middle management

    When I transitioned from the bedside to leadership I took the AONE and ACCN's online course called Essentials of Nursing Management. It was $600 but was worth 40 CEUs and totally worth the cost. I thought it was really helpful.
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    What did you find? I am sitting for my CNML in March and have used the same 2 references, plus some material from the AONE and had the same concern. The Nurse Builder and AONE material is similar but the exam edge tests are quite a bit different. Which source was the best to prep for the test? I was thinking about taking the AONE practice test but it's $200!! Too steep for me! I'd love to hear what you found. Thank you.