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  1. Nu2be

    LPN OR RN??

    I'm at a community college and I'm thinking about doing my LPN 1st. I'm tired of being a tech and I want to make some decent money now vs later. However working in a nursing home is not appealing....
  2. Nu2be

    Harper College Prereq's

    How was the NLN? I am horrible at math and the when I looked over the vocabulary I didnt recognize none of the words :/ What are the pro's/con's of the program?
  3. Nu2be

    Harper College Prereq's

    My advisor changed my schedule after our meeting. I took the CNA course over the summer. And I couldnt attend fall bc of my work schedule. I will be taking Chemistry and Math this Spring. How is your classes going
  4. How did things turn out at the clinic?
  5. Nu2be

    What unit best for PCT?

    I would say Cardiac Unit/ED Tech (I know it is not listed lol). You will learn about open heart surgery and pick up some great clinical skills in the ED
  6. When I graduated in 2010 I took a job at a clinic family practice @$15.00 I only did the clinic for 1 1/2 I made more money at the hospital as a ER tech
  7. Nu2be

    Who's Taking Summer Courses?

    Good luck JEtewart!!
  8. Nu2be

    Rate my professor?

    I loved RMP website when I was attending a university. However, beware of students reviews; some students don't want to put in the work
  9. Nu2be

    LPN to RN?

    bump. great thread. I am looking to into LPN 1st then bridge later.
  10. Nu2be


    I am curious to know if anyone has a vblog journey. I follow a few nursing related you-tube videos and is considering documenting my journey as well.
  11. Nu2be

    Lpn vs Rn

    Financially I am be doing the LPN (1year) 1st and then RN. My school only accepts LPN students that graduates from our school to the bridge program. Then I will do a BSN online. Good Luck!
  12. I have been in the healthcare field for the past 12 years in various roles (Cardio Tech, ER Tech, Medical Assistant, Patient Access Specialist, Unit secretary etc) A friend of mind is a CVU Nurse and was asking me why I have not consider nursing. Truth be told, I know I would hate bedside nursing. I never really consider the aspect of nursing outside of the hospital. But since I have been talking to other nurses in different fields, now I see the endless career possibilities. For instance, I happened to see my son school nurse recently and she gave me some valuable insight on her profession and other jobs she had in her career. I have been out of school for a while but I am looking forward to my Human Anatomy course this summer.