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  1. I just have to first say how incredibly happy I am to see the site up and running again. Thank you allnurses! lol I recently graduated from an LPN to ASN program and interviewed for a position on an inpatient youth behavioral unit last week within my current hospital system. Yesterday I received a phone call offering me a position contingent on me successfully passing boards. I am hoping to schedule the NCLEX in the next few weeks. I had left a different hospital system where I was working in a geriatric inpatient psych unit last year that required me to float to the adult behavioral unit on occasion. I was there for two years and left thinking I wanted to pursue something more medical and I am currently on an acute rehab unit. I realize now how much my passion is in mental health and jumped at the opportunity to apply for this position. I have worked with geriatrics as well as long term care, acute rehab, and in an urgent care clinic during my career so far. However, not primarily with youth so this will be a drastic change for me. I'm both excited and nervous about this change, but the staff on the unit seems really supportive so I'm hoping all goes well. This also gives me the chance to get off 12hr night shifts and on to 8hr evenings so that was a bonus as well since my sleep schedule has been off. Here's to successful completion of the NCLEX-RN, and soon!