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  1. hopeful2017%

    CCNE Accreditation

    How long does it take after the nursing school's accreditation evaluation for them to be re-accredited???
  2. hopeful2017%

    Transferring Nursing Programs

    Does anyone know of any school that will accept nursing classes and transfer in without having to start all over?
  3. hopeful2017%

    Waynesburg University BSN

    Does anyone know anything about Waynesburg University's nursing program? It looks like their website has not been updated in years. I was wondering about the number of students accepted, where clinicals are, the pas rate for the NCLEX, etc. I requested more information and no one contacted me. When I called the nursing department, they told me to go back to their website. I am kind of leaning against the school now because it seems like no one wants to help me.
  4. hopeful2017%

    Organic Chemistry Online

    Does the Iowa Community College Online Consortium Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry class use the program Mastering Chemistry for the homework?
  5. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    You got yours in Montana? I'm in Colorado and still haven't gotten anything.
  6. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    I have not heard yet. I'm from Colorado. I was hoping they would send an email too or at least call to tell me. I really hope to hear soon!
  7. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

  8. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    I still haven't gotten anything either. Do you think our degree works would've changed by now if we were accepted? Didn't know if anyone has checked that or how often they update it.
  9. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    Did anyone hear anything yet?
  10. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    Sent in the mail? Or email?
  11. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    Has anyone heard anything yet? I called 2 days ago and one guy in admissions told me the nursing program has not made their decisions but I got an email yesterday from a different person in admissions and she told me that she thinks the nursing school has.
  12. hopeful2017%

    Hawaii Pacific University

    I have called a few different times. About 2 weeks ago someone in the admissions office told me that we should hear back by the end of March but I haven't heard anything. When I called last friday they told me another 4-6 weeks. I am very confused on when we should hear back cause I have heard so many different things. Guess we will just have to wait a while
  13. hopeful2017%

    Thomas Jefferson University

    I have applied to be a transfer at Thomas Jefferson University for nursing. I do not have a bachelors degree yet so I am on the traditional track. Is the pre licensure bsn program that's on the website the same as the bachelors in nursing program to be an RN? Is that program 2 years? I applied in January to start in Fall. How long will it take me to hear back from them? I know they have not recieved my transcript yet but once they do will I get an interview? Also, they told me that they cannot accept my elective credits. Would they let me take them during my first semester of nursing school?