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  1. I am interested in Nursing, and have chosen to do an alternative approach. Would I be able to take a nursing program with majoring in Health and Human Performances, and minoring in Biology? Or, would it be easier to just major in Health Science. Is there another approach I could take in my undergrad that will help me get into a Nursing program? (without, of course, majoring in nursing) Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the response, what do you mean by the health science career being "more work"?
  3. Thank you for the fast reply. Basically, what you're saying is that after I graduate from my undergrad with a bachelors degree in Health Science, I am able to take a nursing program? How long is a nursing program? And when can I start working as a nurse? Do I have to work at random jobs until I finish my nursing program? Thank you again, you have helped me more than you realize!
  4. I'm a freshman at a private college with a 27% graduate rate. You only get TWO chances to repeat a class. Due to a low grade in Anatomy, I had drop out of the class during the midterm. With that being said, I do not want to risk going back to the nursing program since it is very risky for me to be kicked out of the program. Therefore, I am pursuing a Health Science degree. Will this set me back? Any advice? How should I move forward so that I can be a nurse? Thank you. Side note: My college is tuition-free for your first four years, so I will not be planning to switch schools.