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  1. Hi all, I am a student and in need of any assistance I can get with a nursing care plan. Background on the patient: the scenario is the patient is at home and I am their home health nurse. 75 year old female post CVA 5 days ago. She is confused, has impaired memory, difficulty swallowing, and a focus on fear of dying. For my nursing diagnosis I have fear r/t fear of dying as evidenced by patient stating "help me I feel like I'm going to die" and increase in heart rate from 85 bpm to 130 bpm. I am struggling with the client outcomes as she is confused and responses are inappropriate. She will not be able to identify or demonstrate teaching. What are realistic outcomes that you expect with patients who are not alert and oriented? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. luckynurse7

    Any alternates accepted last minute?

    Thank you for your response. Well, there are 48 seats in total and 22 alternates. All they could tell me was that I am in the top third of alternates. I also had to complete all those requirements as well so I could be ready just in case a seat opens up. The advisor told me typically 5-6 seats open up. Although this time no one declined acceptance initially. Hopefully I can get lucky and get a seat.
  3. luckynurse7

    Any alternates accepted last minute?

    Hi everyone, I am an alternate for a BSN nursing program. I have been notified that it appears everyone that was offered a seat is going as of today. Although there is still a chance a seat may become available up until classes start in August. I was wondering if any of you were in a similar scenario where you were accepted last minute? I am losing hope I will ever be a nurse. Thank you for your thoughts. :-)
  4. luckynurse7

    Accepted or Alternate to NMSU?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone else can share there experience applying to NMSU's BSN program. Have you been accepted or placed as an alternate? I was notified that I was placed as an alternate and curious what everyone else has to say? Thank you for sharing.
  5. luckynurse7

    Nmsu vs utep vs texas tech nursing

    Hi Taylor, congrats on your acceptance to the Texas Tech BSN program. I was curious if you wouldn't mind telling me what happened with NMSU? I have applied to NMSU's program and was placed on the alternate list. I asked a question on here but no one replied. I was wondering if you could share your experience with NMSU.
  6. luckynurse7

    NMSU BSN applicants?

    Hi everyone, I have applied to the NMSU BSN program and have been really anxious waiting to hear if I got accepted. Is there anyone out there that has applied to NMSU's program? I thought we could share our stats to see what the average is looking like for gpa and hesi scores. My gpa is a 3.7 and hesi score 88.
  7. luckynurse7

    HESI exam

    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so hopefully I do it right. My question is for those who have taken the HESI entrance exam before. On the HESI results what does class average mean. Is it specific to only those taking the same exam for your school? Thank you for your help.