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The hospital that I work in doesn't offer any "specialty" pay in the ER. I'm curious to hear if other states or areas of the country do offer added pay to certain specialty areas.




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We get no extra pay in our ER or in any specialty area. I'm in PA.:o


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No more pay in the ER here in North Carolina. Start at the same pay, the longer you are there, the more it goes up (very slowly!)Hospital wide. The only time I did get better pay because of the ER was when I did a contract with a nursing agency, also better pay because of nights. :)


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RNs in specialty areas make more (50$ every paycheck) IF they have the certification relevant to that area.


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we get nothing extra here either. however, i don't see why they would? i mean in any specialty area, icu, ccu, csicu, er etc. then people would flock to that specialty.......depleting the other areas of staff.

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What's your definition of a specialty area? I would think that every area of nursing could be considered a specialty, entitling us all to "specialty" pay.

Hey, maybe we're all already getting it :chuckle



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I would consider a speciality area somewhere you require more continuing education than other areas of the hospital. Personally I'm certified in ACLS, PALS, TNS, CEN... that all require a certain amount of CEU's to keep up the certification.

Fergus51.... where do you practice?


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Specializes in ER, PACU, OR.

yes l&d too..........i guess i did not define specialty area? it was just a generalized thought............hence etc etc lmao! :p

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At the hospital I will be starting at May 28th, ED, ICU, OB/LD, all get specialty pay. Its not a set amount, they figure it at 6% above base hourly rate.

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In pa as someelse stated you get no speciality pay. However, when you change hospitals and there is an area of stressed need, they offer sign on bonouses. They are usually paid out in installments over a year or even two. Come to think of it is it speciality pay or "pain and suffering compensation?" just kidding!



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I am in Canada Tommy. Don't think that 50$ brings a lot of nurses from the States to here...:)

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Where I am, we get no specialty pay...

I don't think you get paid extra for having CEN, CCRN, TNCC, ENPC, PALS/NALS/ACLS either...


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