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What are some examples that you use for professional goals? After several years of working as a school nurse, I am running out of ideas for my personal professional goals for the year. This year, my goal was to complete my School Nurse Certification. Check! I have used goals such as educating parents on lice, teaching fifth grade nutrition, etc. Help! Need some new ideas.

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Making kids independent int heir use of epi-pens, (Im in HS)

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Decreasing missed instruction time by x% compared to last year. Updating all health and wellness curriculum with the most up to date EBP, becoming more educated on (Emergency preparedness, new vaccination recommendations, trauma informed care, etc)

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Mine for next year is building on/expanding my emergency response plan to include creating a small team (3-4 people) to help me respond to a mass casualty event in case of one.

Of course, that one is lofty and have take me more than a year...

But simpler previous one has been reduce lost instruction compared to previous year. I never say reduce # of visits because I can't control who writes a nurse's pass for student no matter how much education I give staff.

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I am going to try to learn Spanish, and then next year continue to work on my Spanish.

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I am going to try to learn Spanish, and then next year continue to work on my Spanish.

Dos mas cervesas, por favor!

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Here are a few more:

-Teach students (or parents) about: Hand hygiene, Colds vs flu, Bullying/cyber bullying, Poising (look-alike products-is it medication or candy? Is it toothpaste or hemorrhoid clean?

-Conduct a Teddy bear clinic (for kindergarten)

-Attend a workshop/conference

-Organize a fundraiser, school walk etc to promote awareness about a health topic

-Volunteer for your state school nurse organization

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Request your district sends you to the National School Nurse conference? I'm going for my pediatric nurse certification this summer. Also, you could look into more ways to collaborate with your local health department, mobile immunization clinics, local children's hospital system, etc.

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