Procedure masks and hot flashes

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I carry my own rain forest with me (hot flashes) and the hot, humid weather doesn't help. My procedure mask gets wet fairly often, especially around my chin. I usually have to change it every 2 or 3 hours. Sometimes more often. I have several, and I use a UV sanitizer at home to clean them.

Ladies, how do you deal with hot flashes in the masks? And Gents, I'm sure you get hot, too. How do you keep the mask dry?

I'm melting! ?

can you get enough to rotate them every few hours? Just be sure to sanitize them immediately after you take them off to replace them.

Specializes in Private Duty Pediatrics.

I can't sanitize immediately, but I put the wet used masks in a paper bag and take them home to sanitize them.

Any ideas on how to keep my face dryer? I do wash my face with soap & water when I change masks.

It's a blessing that I work in a private home, where all this is possible.

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