Problems with Intelistaf/MSN


Has anyone else been having issues with customer service, payroll, or benefits since the merger? I am seriously considering switching companies.

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I have not really - I worked with MSN as an agency before. The office is disorganized, but everyone there is nice and friendly. Issues dealt with, as long as I kept reminding them of what my needs were.


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Has anyone else been having issues with customer service, payroll, or benefits since the merger? I am seriously considering switching companies.

I've been with Intelistaf for about 7 years. I was first with StarMed, which became Intelistaf. I have had two incidents of payroll problems, most recently the last week in December. I was paid for the day shift. I can't seem to understand the problem since I use military time. They also did not deduct my 401K.

I will hang around a little longer. I'm 100% vested with my 401K and I like their new rewards program.

I really don't think there won't be some other problem other places. They have compensated me so far.


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I've worked for InteliStaf since 2001 in Columbus Ohio. Starmed was a disaster, but did not affect pay or service to employees. I have been communicating with new MSN office, and they are very responsive and helpful. I am lucky that my former InteliStaf manager is still my manager. As my on-line name may indicate, after 32 years, most critical care and some traveling and insurance, I am burnt out so badly I have yet to take an assignment or complete paperwork. Interviewing tomorrow for a position far far far away from the tyrannical hierarchy of ignorant hospital administration, 14 hour days with no thanks, whining families, rude physicians, too many new grads on CCU/cath lab right out of school.....but I will work soon day shift in an ER through good ole MSN...they have ALWAYS made me feel valued and do respond to email or phone calls. I'm sorry your office is not going smoothly; try to wait it out, this is a HUGE merger. Good Luck to you :cheers:


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They have started a recruit teams instead of indivual recruiter. Which we dont care for. We have had to resend several documents because they say they never receive them. So we started sending them via scanned and email attachement directly to recruiter. NO problem since. They have treated us very well!! Love that they pay housing stipend at beginning of assignment instad of the other company we worked for paid at the end on the month


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Been with msn for 5 years now. In the begining they were great. Following the merge of the two companies... it has gone downhill big time for me. It is like they have way too many irons in the fire. It is so bad... i will no longer work anything for them. They are the first and only travel company for me. But that is changing as we speak.

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