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PRN med surg travel?


Hello everyone

so I have accepted a prn med surg position while i am in FNP school. The problem is …for some shifts which we won't know until the day of…..I may have to travel about an hour away. I am rethinking this. I don't think it's safe….as far as me doing nightshift and then traveling..

What do you guys think ?

I financially don't need to work but I feel I can work at least once a week or so..but I am about to start clinical in the fall which will be more hectic than the online classes.

I just want to work so I am not bored...

My question is…if they cannot give me a PRN job that stays in town…should I just not worry and stay and home and focus on schooll?

Jules A, MSN

Specializes in Family Nurse Practitioner.

Heck yeah! I place a high value on work ethic and regularly travel over 90 minutes each way to one of my jobs. I made over $150,000 working while I was in NP school so no way would I have given that up.

xoemmylouox, ASN, RN

Has 13 years experience.

I think it is worth it. People see things differently. If you can afford to not work, and have no interest in it, then stay at home. However, if you could use the $$$ or at least want to keep working, go for it.

hmmmm thank you guys!!! I am feeling so hesitant for the traveling part…..I guess I have never worked and drove an hour after to get home!! that sounds scary to me.

The average national commute time is 25 minutes. It can be well over an hour in some urban areas and for those folks like you that can make enough to cover their commute times and costs and make more by working farther away. Actually, I guess the rationale is identical for both you and urban commuters now that I think about it.

My personal limit is 30 minutes by bicycle. Otherwise it is not worth it.

Ned lol you mke a valid pooint!! I guess my last job the commute was 3 minutes by car….lol so I have a different view of things!!!

I know that it's not a daily commute of an hour….only when they decide there is a need for a RN at one of the facilies which are each an hour away…!!!! So you don't know..when you will be going..THe minimum I have to work is 2 nights a month and my manager said one out of the two I will most likely commute...

I am very sad because I am torn!!!! The manager is super nice and I got hired on the spot…..I feel like I can make a difference but then again working nights is hard too!!!!!

AHHHHHHHHH this may sound dumb but I don't know what to do

I suspect the health risks of night shifts outweighs any shift differential, and if you are actually sensitive to your biorhythms, you will suffer consciously as well. It would certainly be a no go for me. Do some local internship or community health that will help you as a future NP.

Hm thanks Ned RN, I appreciate your input………I have decided not to pursue it….it's too dangerous….Does anyone have any suggestions as far as

volunteer organizations or any extra circular activities that will help me become a FNP

Know any physicians? Ask for unpaid internship. A free clinic should be delighted to get a second year NP. Teaching hospital in your community? See if you would be able to hang with a hospitalist.

Ned Rn, you have some AMAZING ideas!!!! Ideas that I would love to consider!!!!! Omg, thank you thank you!! I am going to look into this….I never thought of these things…have you heard of anyone doing that?

I never thought of doing anything like this that would benefit my future NP career…..you're a genius

Well, no. Just off the top of my head. I worked earlier this year with someone in the last stages of becoming an NP and she worked with a physician, office and hospital rounds. I just assumed that was part of the program. It is not hard to figure out that a similar experience will help you become stronger clinically and enhance your CV too. If possible, try to work in a clinical area you are interested in, or want to rule out as a career. I suspect even cold calling practitioners will be fruitful, but you might also check with your NP school for leads.

Oh, and besides my hospitalist suggestion, hanging with an ED practitioner should also be beneficial for an NP student. Depends on what you want to learn and where you think your future practice might be.

Got it! thank you again Ned RN.