How can I get a new case?

  1. I am tired of my case. I originally asked for it, thinking it would be more of a challenge than it is, and because it was "close" to my home. The shifts are short. The mom doesn't listen to me, and passively finds fault with my care. I have been there for about 4 months. I would like to move on.

    I have "shared" my desire for a change with the scheduler. Of course he needs to keep the home staffed and supposedly it is hard to get nurses to "go all the way out there", and I live "out that way".

    Do I need to put in 2 weeks notice, or is there there a more amicable way of getting things changed ?
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  3. by   Blackcat99
    You are going to be very difficult to replace because other nurses are not going to want to drive such a long distance. My guess is that they will just keep telling you for a long time: "We haven't been able to find a replacement for you yet but don't worry we will."
    Never give a 2 week notice unless you in fact have another job. I work LTC now but you never know for sure how things are going to turn out in a new job. Just ask to be put on "prn only.". That way if things don't work out at your new job and you find you need to return back to this same agency you won't have to start all over again with all of the required paperwork.
  4. by   PerfectlyPlump
    I toally agree. I am not planning to move to a new company. I just want a new case. If we leave a case, we are to give 2 weeks notice, by the book. I do try to be a team player, and wolud wait longer than 2 weeks to ensure that the case is covered.

    But, I want variety in PDN! If I start to feel like a babysitter, or that I am not much appreciated, or professionally stagnant, I want to change it up! Perhaps I am being immature... or ungrateful for the job I have.
  5. by   LadyFree28
    When I did HH nursing, I had at least 3 give myself a variety of nursing care. I suggest that you ask for at least another case, as well as talk to the family. Stand your ground on what your priority is in regards up nursing care, and develop an action plan with the are in their home and there are a lot of motions involved, especially compromise of privacy, for the family. Hopefully you will be able to come to a positive resolution!
  6. by   CloudySue
    Some agencies like to mix it up, but I'm learning even more like to keep one or two nurses total per case. Mine mixes it up, it is not unusual for me to see 5 different kids in as many days. Is it possible for you to check out other agencies to see what they do? If you can ask enough questions you can see if the situation would be more ideal for you. Then give your two weeks' to your agency, and if they really want to keep you they'll scramble to get you moved, if they don't want to lose you all together. But be ready to call their bluff w a backup job!
  7. by   urbanngrrl_hello
    One alternative is to change your availability, giving two-weeks notice. That gives the scheduler real motivation to find a replacement and you a reality check on just exactly how much you want to move on. You might find another case, and be happy to work with passively-finding-fault-mom a couple of days a week and your new case a couple of days a week. Or you may find that working a couple days a week and sitting at home the rest of the week is lots worse than spending timewith passively-finding-fault-mom. Seriously, I think you just need a break. Change your availability with a vague crisis, ill relative, significant other having trouble, children problems, you name it, and pick the days to come off this case the ones you are most likely to gain another here or some place else. Be sure to apply someplace else too. Do that first.
  8. by   Adele_Michal7
    I'd call other agencies, get the ball rolling on the paperwork. When it's looking like you'll have options, call up your current agency and let them know you're "shopping around" and see if that changes their tune.
  9. by   PerfectlyPlump
    Thank you for your responses. The plot has thickened. I was never able to obtain a new case, but then, I slipped in the home, and broke a bone. I have been off work for over a month, healing, on workers comp.

    The good side is that I should be able to get a new case, after this long absence, when I am cleared to return.
  10. by   ventmommy
    I am sorry about your broken bone Texan56! That's an awful thing to have had happen but I guess it got you off of the case.
  11. by   KATRN78
    Get well soon!
  12. by   PerfectlyPlump
    Thanks. :-) Next week I will have another x ray, and we will see.
  13. by   PerfectlyPlump
    Thank you for the advice, and get-well-wishes. I am well now and released from care. Everyone, take care!