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i have been doing private care for 18 mos, and it was fine at first, but now i am afraid for my license. my client is an adult, and the mother is a primary caregiver. i was accused of "drowning" him... Read More

  1. by   neonurse97
    Why have you taken this abuse from that family? That family should be grateful anyone is willing to deal with their B.S. Nurses have so many other options besides private duty. For the sake of your license and your own sanity, QUIT.
  2. by   ArwenEvenstar
    I feel your pain OP!! I have done private duty for over 4 years now and I can relate to your frustrations. These families can be so very demanding with ridiculous expectations. Someone mentioned the "victim" mentality and that is so accurate! And it does not help when an agency begs you to work and "can't" find back-up coverage. These families can really mess with your mind! Believe me, I know! I think as both women and nurses, we want to care for people, be there, and do our best. So we are RIPE to be taken advantage of by some of these manipulative families (and agencies!). I could go on and on... :icon_roll but I am tired tonight.

    Don't let the agency push you around either! I'd recommend you resign from the case immediately. Don't let the agency talk you into a 2 week notice. I recommend you resign At ONCE. Do NOT ever work the case again. You sound on the mental edge (believe me, I understand) and you should not work the case again for your own mental health!

    Talk to the nurse supervisor over the case. Bypass the "staffing guys" in the office. My personal that the "staffing guys" in the office are complete idiots and do not "get" it no matter how you explain something to them. The nurse supervisor should be more likely to "get" it! Talk to her!

    Recently I had "had it" with some stuff on my case and with the idiot staffing guys. So, I finally decided to talk to a nurse supervisor. Dang - I should have done that LONG BEFORE!! It was wonderful to talk to someone and actually have them "get it" and respond appropriately to my frustrations. During our conversation she said "hold on a minute" so she could shut her office door and talk frankly to me. Among other things, she then told me that the staffing guys were indeed IDIOTS. haha! It was so validating!!!!!!!!!

    So...I am getting off topic. You need to take care of yourself! Be firm. You deserve better than the crap you have gone through! Do not let the agency or family make you feel bad! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEEL BAD ABOUT!
  3. by   texastaz
    :angryfire I so dislike bad people. The above reply is great advice. We are on your side! :icon_hug:
  4. by   Lorie P.
    I would call the nursing supervisor and tell her that no way can you accept another shift! You need to leave now and not later.

    Forget explaining it to the staffing recruiters they don't get nursing.

    Good luck !! Don't let them pressure you into another shift!!
  5. by   redhairboy
    I had one bad case where the mom was crazy and I called the office the next day and said no way will I work at that home. I am so tired of private duty as well but with the economy I feel this is the only options. I always think about my license. Good luck!
  6. by   fawnsternurse
    No brainer. Please leave... for your sake.
  7. by   Southernurse
    i have aggressively begun seeking another job, and plan on changing by june 1. i finally have a vacation coming at the end of may (my first!) and do not plan to return. i have applied to many on the internet, and have a relatively local town to go to and fill out a hard copy application. it may not be out of the home health world, but at least it will be a different environment. i will be able to break out altogether when i get definite word from my college about finally finishing my lpn to rn program. it will only take about 6 months, and then i am free!!! i thank you all for all of the support! i never thought i would not look forward to going to work, but having it happen now is definitely a red flag.

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