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My patient's family has 2 cats. They don't behave at all - not sure if cats ever behave. Anyway, I have been at work for a little over an hour and the have blown an air horn at them at least 5 times... Read More

  1. by   eeffoc_emmig
    Quote from smartnurse1982
    If you arent a cat person,why did the agency place you in a home with cats?

    I let my agency know iwill not work around pitbulls and other aggressive breed dogs.
    The cats were added after I took the case. I don't like the cats but for the most part they leave me alone. The air horn is what I had an issue with.
  2. by   CloudySue
    Cats are awesome, especially a big lover-boy, like the one who was nuzzling me this evening. I don't understand how cats can be so bothersome to people (unless its an allergy). The majority of cats just keep to themselves. They aren't ear-piercingly loud, don't jump up on people like dogs do, they sleep 20 hours a day, it's hard to even know they're there.