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Hi everybody! I'm starting nursing school in the Spring and I'm getting very nervous, especially after reading some of these posts! I'm just wondering if there's anything you wish you would have done to better prepare yourself for nursing school? Right now, I'm just brushing up on my anatomy, medical terminology, and math, and am thinking about getting a head start on pharmacology. Is there anything else I can do to prepare or do you have any advice for the transition? Thanks for all your help!!

I wish I'd done a better prep of anatomy and physiology before school. I fully intended to do so, but procrastinated and suddenly school was starting. It hasn't been a huge hindrance, BUT I can see where it would be helpful to have that info fresh.

And yeah, math is good, med terminology is good, but I'd also recommend getting yourself organized, figure out how you're going to manage your different classes, etc.

organization is HUGE. my three ring hole punch has been a life saver. My system is having one good heavy duty binder and slipping in all my handouts and notes in as i get them. I then only have to worry about that one binder. Having an outgoing and positive attitude has helped tremendously. All the studying in the world can't help you if the instructors don't like you. It really is as stressful as people make it out to be, but the small successes make it totally worth it!


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Review A&P, spend time with Friends and family, read How to Survive and Maybe Even Love Nursing School.

Good Luck!


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These are the things I recommend...

1) Clear your schedule as much as possible. You will need lots of time to study. Seems easy, but make sure you have not committed to lots of things in advance.

2) Get your school supplies and buy in bulk. Went through 2 reams of paper in 2 months. Get extra toner cause you're gonna use it. Buy extra of stuff you might lose. I bought a few pen lights, because that just seems like something I would lose. Flashcards. Rolling backpack/laptop bag is essential.

3) Once you get the syllabus for the class, start reading immediately! We had 22 chapters to read in the first 4 weeks.

4) Buy the study guide. Mine was not recommended or required, but I got it anyway. Whatever Fundamentals book you have will probably have the study guide for it.

Good luck and hope this helps!


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I'd advise you to sit down with family, friends, spouses, SO, etc. and let them know you are about to eat, sleep, dream nursing school. Your life will BE nursing school. You can't imagine how many of my classmates had to dropout b/c of unsympathetic, sniffling SO who couldn't support and encourage their loved one through the most difficult time of their educational life. Relax and enjoy your spare time now b/c that will change soon!!!:nurse:


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Thank you for all your replies!! I'm not sure if you helped me or scared me, but at least I know what I am in for now!! Thanks and good luck to everybody!! :)

congrats!! i was in your same shoes, wondering what could i possibly do to get that im in, i will tell you something i wish someone had told me!! please get yourself the fundamentals success book (questions with rationals) is truly a professors dont teach much at all!! they read power points....we are self-learners, and again the fundamentals success book is a huge help for me!!!! brush up on vital signs, med administration, acid-base balance, fluid electrolyte imbalance, nutrition and immobility....many people find acid base imbalance difficult...learn it wont appear foreign when you actually start to learn it in class....good luck, and i hope this helps a little!


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Thanks Isitpossible!! I never knew the fundamentals of success book even existed. I looked it up on Amazon, and I think you're right... I NEED that book!! Thanks for the advice!!

Great insight 'Isitpossible'! :yeah:

girly8208- I am in the same position as you. I start the nursing program in the Spring. I am so excited, but getting a little nervous as well. In the pre-nursing student section of the forum, a member posted most of their A & P notes. They made it a sticky, and the notes are fantastic!! It really gave me a good, concise overview/review of A & P (so much of it has slipped from my mind). :specs:

I took Med Math last semester, so I'm brushing up on that as well.

From reading these threads, it seems that patho plays a bigger role then I thought, so I'm also going over all my notes, and taking some new ones.

Good luck in the program!! Are you going into an ADN or BSN? I'm doing an ADN right now, with hopes to do the bridge a little down the road. :D



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I have no idea how old you are or what your other responsibilities outside of nursing school might be. But, if I had known more before going in, I would have spent my "preparation time" in preparing and organizing the REST of my life. Yes, reviewing A&P or math might be good and do so if you are inclined. But if you have the time, get your life organized now. Get a good calendar/organizer or figure out how to use your calendar function on your phone/computer/whatever really well. Clean out your closets now, give your house a really good deep cleaning now. Have home repair projects you've put on the back burner for a while? Do them NOW. I wish I had been able to do this before I started.


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Cheska_rn2be...thanks for the tip about the A&P review....I definitely need to brush up on the P, especially if I want to do well in patho!!

Congrats to you for getting in, and good luck! I am doing the BSN program. It's actually gonna be my second BS, I have a degree in biology. I wish I knew what I wanted to do a few years ago!!

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