you know youv'e been studying too much when...

  1. I was just standing in line at the grocery store, looking at the magazine covers. I see a body builder magazine with a hansdsome guy on the cover, but am I looking at his face? No...I am reciting "rectus abdominus, latismuss dorsi, zygomatic, sternocleidomastoid..."
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  3. by   betsyMT2003
    I know what you mean. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of night reciting something I've memorized from A&P. Guess there really is no rest for the weary....!
  4. by   Doug85

    That's hilarious! I was running on the treadmill the other day (it was facing a huge mirror). As I looked over my body I began reciting, "platysma, deltoid, biceps brachii...." It's taking over my life!
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    Don't forget the clouds that look like Dense Irregular or Dense Regular Connective Tissue, or the raindrops that have spread on your windshield that looks like Simple Squamous Epithelium, or adipose tissue.

  6. by   BoonersmomRN
    LOL I can totally relate to this post.

    I think I am going to drive my boyfriend batty by the end of this semester. Today I was talking to him about the brain ( and the central sulcus divides the frontal from the parietal and then pre-central gyrus is right before immediately posterior to it is the postcentral gyrus which.....all while I have my hands on his head ha ha ha) and finally he said " It's the weekend dear can you PUHLEASE give it a rest?" Ha ha ha

    The worst party is this electrophysiology stuff....action potention blah blah. I have sodium and potassium ions swimming in my head all day long. I keep seeing little action potential blips in my head...ooh it's hit threshold there it goes- up with depolarization- down with repolarization- now into hyperpolarization......AAACK!
  7. by   RedSox33RN

    I never look at the words sodium, calcium or potassium like they're 'words'. They're always Na+, Ca+ and K. God help me the day I ask someone to pass the NaCl!! LOL
  8. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    ....when your 7 year old comes home and tells you that her 1st grade teacher doesn't know what a patella is.
  9. by   SCmomof3
    TOO funny~~ I can definitely relate
  10. by   LKG6
    ...when some modern paintings remind you of huge adipocytes.
  11. by   blue eyes
    Quote from wannaBEanRN

    God help me the day I ask someone to pass the NaCl!! LOL

    After learning about weight/weight (w/w), volume/volume (v/v) and weight/volume I started looking at as many medicine packages as possible to see what the concentration/percentage was listed on the label.
    I still do it some 9 months later.
  12. by   PdxDreamer
    1) You take colored pencils/crayons from children so you can do your anatomy coloring book
    2) Everyone you know asks you about their aches and pains
    3) Friends give you weird looks when you mention strange diseases
    4) People don't want to hear about the "cool" sheep's eye dissection you did in A&P class
    5) You wonder why the body must have SO MANY bones and muscles
    6) You dream about cells and phospholipid bilayers
    7) Discovery Health Network on Cable TV is in your "favorites" list
    8) Your bulky and expensive Chem and Bio books cost a fortune and you only get $5 back on most of them (so you keep them for later!)
    9) You're jealous of anyone in scrubs b/c they've "made it"
    10) You feel like you are running out of room in your brain!!