You ever talk to the Dean of Science?

  1. Has anyone else had such an awful experience with a teacher that you took it up with the dean? If so, what came out of it all?

    I love Anatomy but hate the teacher! Out of a starting class of 24, there are only 11 left, if that says anything about the situation!

    I don't want to elaborate, or I will be here all night. But, yes I spoke with the Dean, it went well, but am unsure what will come from it all, if anything.

    I am just wondering what came out of others experiences?

    Thanks friends!


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  3. by   Multicollinearity
    I have gone to the Dean. I was successful. And that is all I can say about that.

    I'd suggest if anyone is considering going to the Dean to think long and hard. I'd save it for very significant and provable matters.

    The reason why I suggest caution is that if anything happens again with another instructor - you are stuck. You just can't make a pattern of going to the Dean. Also fairness to the instructor is important.

    I chose to put my complaint to the Dean in a written letter. I found that the college's complaint procedures guided you towards oral communication. How convenient. Like any other business, they usually don't want a paper-trail of messy events.
  4. by   Jules A
    A couple of students in my nursing class did with negative results. Not only did nothing happen but they were targeted after that with little recourse since we had many of the same professors through out.

    Like Multicollinarity said, I'd think long and hard before doing it. It would be my preference (and listen I know we are the customers, blah, blah) to either suck it up or withdraw from the class in gen-ed and surely just suck it up in the nursing classes.
  5. by   fiveofpeep
    I talked to the dean about my teacher, but nothing too bad, although there were some complaints I had, I chose not to voice them. I was there to ask about extra lab sessions and did tell him some of my frustrations, but it did nothing, and I would rather perservere through the teacher than cause trouble anyways.

    BTW half the class dropping is characteristic of any anatomy class hehe. Good luck. Hopefully you can play the system and get by with a good grade and lots of knowledge.
  6. by   donsterRN
    Fortunately, I've not had to go to the Dean about any instructor. I'm also not yet out of school, so circumstances may change! However, my own thinking tells me that school is temporary, and the best thing for me to do is to play whatever game they want me to play. Do what's assigned and it'll be over soon enough.

    As maggiofliore said, losing a lot of people in A&P is the norm. We started with 35 students, there were 12 at the final...
  7. by   prinsessa
    I think it depends on how bad the teacher is. Our A&P II teacher once screamed at us and kicked us all out of the class before it was over. It was really scary and most of us were scared of him after that. I know some people went to the Dean, but I was too scared to. I thought he would some how find out. I think he got "talked to" because he calmed down after that.