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I am going back to nursing school. I already have a four year degree in liberal studies (biology and psyc). So I met with my advisor and I have to retake several classes because I took them 8... Read More

  1. by   royr
    Quote from jennifers
    I am going back to nursing school. I already have a four year degree in liberal studies (biology and psyc). So I met with my advisor and I have to retake several classes because I took them 8 years ago. If I would of came back to school 2 years ago I wouldnt have to retake them. They have a 7 year rule on science classes. I have to retake micro, chem and A&P. Thats a lot of hours to retake. It kinda made me a little discouraged but I want to be a nurse so bad I'm willing to do it. I guess it wouldnt kill me to have a refresher course...but this college is REALLY expensive!
    has anyone else had to deal with this?
    My school let me take the Excellsior College challenge exams for many of the courses that you mentioned to complete my nursing prerequisits. It served to speed up the process and save me lots of $$.

  2. by   tryingtomakeit
    I was in the same boat with A&P and micro. I wound up agreeing to take the semester finals with the students who had taken the classes that semester. If I passed, I got to keep my hours. Guess what ... I passed them with only one weekend to study (it had been 18 years for me :wink2: ). If your school won't go for this, I think clepping them would be the next best answer.
  3. by   BittyBabyGrower
    I would re-take those classes. From a preceptor view...people who test out or are able to skip those classes are the hardest to precept. The accelerated programs are great in that they get you out quicker, but with those people I am taking time to go over things that they should know off the top of their heads related to A/P, chemistry and micro and it is adding a few weeks onto orientation. Just MHO.
  4. by   catlady
    Quote from traumaRUs
    You know when I first read through this post, I thought about Clep as an alternative. However, my thoughts have changed. A&P, micro and chem are the basics of our nursing education. I think you need to have current knowledge of these in order to be successful down the line in the nursing field. So...I would vote for re-taking them.
    If she knows enough to pass the test, then I'd say her knowledge is current.
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    There are some schools that do not require you to repeat these classes , now they are few and far between (mine does not). But if you have to then suck it up and get it done. You can take your classes at a local CC or do it online through somewhere like Edukan ( I think its 110/hr). Dont look at it like a step back look at it like a refreasher because you will need this information and you might just be glad you did re-take this stuff. Many people take two sciences at once during a semester so you can take 2 semesters get your classes done and this will give you time to get life and all the junk they require for nursing school together. Then like others have said you can also Clep, just make sure your receiving college and nursing program will accept this as credit. Good lcuk to you!!!!
  6. by   txspadequeenRN
    Sure you can . CLEP has no way of knowing what classes you have or have not taken. I failed aglebra twice and took the CLEP now I still failed but that beyond the point.

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    I don't think you can CLEP after you have taken a course. But if you CAN that would be one way to go.

    Community College is a good idea too. Same content, less $$$
  7. by   zaarakhan
    hi all. i would like to do an accelerated BSN.me from dallas. pls advise me , which r the places offer this and how much does it course

  8. by   jennifers
    I founda few colleges that will allow 10 years. Its been 7 years. I dont remember much from Chemistry other than I had a hard time in that class! Chemistry would probably be beneficial for me to retake. I can remember a ton of stuff from Anatomy and Phys. because it was one of my favorite classes. I still have the text. I pulled it out and flipped through it. I really remember a lot. Its ashame I would have to retake it. I did find it only in a 6 week format. Maybe I could take that and transfer it. I will look into that as a transfer. I think its sad i have to retake science classes when those were my concentration areas. But with that being said, i am willing to redo anything to become a RN!