Would they even look at my application?

  1. Do you think a nursing program would except someone with a 2.9 grade point average? They say the minimum is 2.5, but would they honestly look at C grade point averages when they have a lot of A's and B's? The program is pretty competitive. I'm extremely upset right now because according to my calculations based on the grading scale my chem. teacher gave us I'm supposed to have a B, but online he has a C. I emailed him and I'm waiting for a response. My GPA went from a 3.1 to a 2.9 with that. I wish they looked at all of the grades I have because that's a GPA of 3.5. They only count the pre-req's and average those grades for admission. I'm very upset right now and don't know if I should continue the pre-req's (I have 2 left that I'm taking in the beginning of the new year) or if I should try another school. Thanks!
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  3. by   SarasotaRN2b
    It would really depend on the particular program in that school...some schools may do it on a first come first serve policy while others may do it on actual grades...I would definitely make sure that you can get that B from your chem teacher. He may have just done a typo if your cacluations are correct.

    How did you do in your other pre-reqs? B's? If you got C's in your science classes, particularly A&P, I would see if it is possible for you to take the class again. It would not only help with your GPA, but it will help in nursing school. If you had difficulty with A&P, nursing school is definitely tougher. You need to know how physiology works right before you can start on the pathophysiology which you will need for nursing.

    Wishing you the best!
  4. by   Pinky05
    Thank you so much for your response. In my other pre-reqs I got a B in English and 2 C's (a&p 1 lecture and lab). The biggest mistake ever was taking those in the summer. I was new to college and my advisor failed to tell me going during the summer was taking a class that normally takes 18 weeks in 6. We are not allowed to repeat courses. Only if we fail so if we get C's or D's they stay with us. I'm taking A&P 2 starting in January and I know I can get A's, but the C's are dragging me down. My A&P 1 professor even told me if I hadn't taken it during the summer I would have gotten an A. He saw how hard I was working. I really hope my chem professor explains how I got a C (if I really deserved it) or hopefully he fixes it if it is wrong.
  5. by   Simmonsgraduate2009
    I am sorry to bust your bubble but b/c of your low gpa it is going to be really hard for you to get accepted to nursing school however keep trying. Although most schools from associated degree to graduate level nursing say the cut off is 3.0 they really accept people with higher gpa's. In the community college I took some of my prereqs most of the people in the nursing program had Phd.'s, working on second degree or had stellar gpa and work experience. I would say to you do what I did !!! Get a BA or BS of a field in your interest besides nursing, keep you gpa high and get more patient care experience.
  6. by   CoolKell10
    Nursing schools are so competitive and they are really looking for the best out of all the people that apply. The average GPA of someone who got accepted to the nursing program that I'm in was a 3.5 and ACT was a 26. Your pre-reqs (especially Science courses) have to have good grades. I think the lowest GPA I heard of someone having who got accepted was like a 3.3 All programs are different though, but I would retake some classes if you got Cs in to try to get As. Hope this isn't too harsh...but it is very hard...
  7. by   Pinky05
    Thanks guys. I haven't applied yet, but I'm thinking about transferring schools. He won't tell me why he gave me a C when adding up points I had a B+.
  8. by   lc3
    Well, dont give up hope. I know of someone being accepted into a top tier 4 year university program with a 2.95. Although, she had other exceptional qualities.
    However in all honesty, you might not be competitive enough for 2yr programs, but look into four year programs that go on other factors besides GPA. Or you could also abisgirl advised, finish a degree then pursue a accelerated BSN. Although, this second option may not be cost effective for some.
  9. by   RN BSN 2009
    It depends on how many people apply.
  10. by   mixyRN
    Here is my best advice:
    Talk to admissions advisors at all school you are considering and follow their recommendations. At my school, students who are rejected and ask them what to do to become more competitive, they tell them exactly what to do. If you are still not able to get accepted, then consider a good LPN program and then do the LPN to RN. That's what I would do personally if I were in the situation.
    Good Luck and keep working at it!
  11. by   prinsessa
    Some nursing schools do a lottery, so it doesn't matter what your grades are as long as you pass the cut-off. I don't if you have any that do that in your area. I know some of the community colleges around here use lottery, but then some only go by gpa. I would talk to an admissions counselor before applying. Good luck!
  12. by   RN2bemommyof3
    If I were you I would transfer to a school that allows you to retake classes.
    Good luck!
  13. by   mydee
    I say try a private school that may look more at test score then at your GPA you may have a fighting chance if you do well on the test v.s taking the classes over again
  14. by   tymia19
    Yes you can get in with a 2.9. I got in with a GPA lower than that. What really help me was the fact that I made A's and B's in my area F. So don't never let anyone tell you can't get in . You will never know until you try. You will never make if you listen to people. You can do all things with CHRIST !
    2nd semster here I come