Will anyone else be extended bfing in nsg school

  1. Is anyone else planning on still nursing while in nursing school. Mine youngest will be 2 in Sept and I really wanted to nurse past 2 (I nursed #1 for 25 months). Anyone else nursing a toddler (or baby) w/o plans of quitting? Of course he doesn't have to nurse all the time and can get by w/o it while I am at school or clinicals. I still produce alot of milk so I will have to take care of that obviously. Just curiuos if anyone else was also in the same boat.
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  3. by   pinkiepie
    Hi! Nice to meet someone else who understands the joys of toddler nursing. You can definately do this! I did! I began getting some of my pre-reqs out of the way when my youngest was 2 and continued to nurse as I started nursing school. I nursed both of my children until 3. It is an especially nice to reconnect after being apart all day or for before bed snuggles. I am sure that nursing helped my toddler adjust to the change of me being gone. My advice to you is simply to nurse your child whenever you are home. At this point I am sure that they are eating enough food that their nutritional status won't suffer. Your milk production will decrease because you will be nursing less often, but I assure you that it wont completely go away if you continue to nurse several times a day. Don't be surprised if your little one want to nurse MORE often when you first begin school because of insecurity, it will all even out. The best of luck to you as you start your education!
  4. by   hospitalstaph
    My youngest is 2 1/2 and still nursing I am in school part time and am finding this works well for our family. I am currently a breastfeeding counselor. Being a nurse that supports breastfeeding will be a HUGE benefit to you patients

  5. by   ayndim
    Glad to hear others are doing it too. I am finishing my last pre-req and was wondering if I should put the actual clinicals until later.
  6. by   klone
    Yay to the ENers! I'm a breastfeeding counselor (plan to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2007) and nursed both of mine until 4.
  7. by   ayndim
    Quote from klone
    Yay to the ENers! I'm a breastfeeding counselor (plan to sit for the IBCLC exam in 2007) and nursed both of mine until 4.

    Good for you. I have often wondered how long my 1st would have nursed. My milk dried up when I was 4 mos pg with her brother.
  8. by   klone
    Quote from ayndim
    Good for you. I have often wondered how long my 1st would have nursed. My milk dried up when I was 4 mos pg with her brother.
    Yeah, that happened with us, too. My older one was around 20 months when I was pregnant, but he continued to nurse throughout the pregnancy and I ended up tandem nursing for 2 years.

    I see you're in the west valley - do you attend La Leche League meetings? I imagine the Glendale group would be the one closest to you.

    The great thing about nursing a toddler is that it's often for so much more than food. So even if your supply decreases a lot from being in school, your baby will probably still want to nurse for the emotional connection and bonding.
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  9. by   PhoenixGirl
    I am still nursing my almost 14 month old. And am starting the nursing program soon. My school has either 1 day (12 hrs) clinical once a week, or 2 days a week (7 hours each) clinical. Needless to say, I'm really hoping for the 2 day clinicals. If I am at that 12 hr clinical, I will survive but I imagine I will be pretty engorged when I get home. I'm not sure what clinicals are like, but I'll probably pack my avent pump in my backpack and relieve some engorgement in the bathroom during a lunch break.

    Other than that, I should be away from my baby 6 1/2 hrs a day when I have to be in the classroom, and don't have school on Fridays. And we should be just fine during those times. I nursed my first son until he was 18 months old, but I imagine I'm going to nurse this one a bit longer.

  10. by   CNM-to-be
    I'm an extended b/fer, too! I am a first year ADN student and I'm currently nursing my 15 month old. I was in the program 2 years ago (when I was nursing my middle ds) and had to drop out b/c of severe hyperemesis when I found out I was pregnant w/ #3. I'm just now starting back up and going to school every day with my trusty Ameda. I am a LLL Leader and a CBE so I spend LOTS of time trying to educate folks on the merits of nursing.

    My little guy is a milk man so I was a little worried about leaving him for 8 hrs a day. 2 weeks into school and he's doing great! He makes up for not nursing during the day when I get home...he's got me glued to the chair making up for lost time as soon as I walk through the door!

  11. by   PhoenixGirl
    he's got me glued to the chair making up for lost time as soon as I walk through the door!

    Awww that's so sweet! I swear, after a stressful day when I've spent time apart from my son, there is nothing I want more than to just cuddle up in bed and nurse him while reading or talking with my older one (he is 4). It's so comforting. One of the hardest things for me during nursing school is that I'm going to have to be away from my kids!

  12. by   SCmomof3
    You ladies are making me miss nursing so much *bawl* My youngest (and last baby!) weaned last March at 19 months. I was so torn at the time...partially relieved because he was so demanding (and still is, in other areas!) but partly so sad. I really miss it and at those times when he is having a hard time being 2, I wish I could just scoop him up and nurse him. *sigh* I wish you all the best in your endeavors!
  13. by   wannabemw
    Hi, former LLL leader here! I worked & BF my 1st for 16m (I was preg w/ #2 and didn't think I wasthe tandum type, lol, WRONG). # 2 nursed 3y 5m (I got 2 stay at home) and # 3; 3y 6m (stayed at home).

    When nursing # 1 nothing was sweeter then coming home to re-connect w/my baby! As our babies grow into toddlerhood, few understand the joy of nursing a toddler through all the ups and downs of their growing. They come down sick? NURSE! They fall down or bump their head? Nurse! They r tired and grumpy? Nurse!

    Funny story: I met a very good friend of mine in 1st sem of nursing school b/c of breastfeeding and LLL. The topic was mom and baby. She spoke up, so did I and WOW! We r great friends still! I have to laugh, her and I could have taught that class that day!

    Good luck! So nice to see other fellow extended nursing moms!
  14. by   manna
    I worked and BF my youngest up until he was about 2 1/2, then quit my full-time job to go to nursing school (last summer). He recently weaned himself (in the last month - he'll be 3 this week), but we had been morning/evening/night nursing up until then along with school!

    I really loved spending the time with him in the afternoons when I got home - made it so much easier to unwind from a long school/clinical day... He also coslept with us up until he weaned as well (when he decided he is "big" and wants to sleep with his brother now).