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Is anyone else planning on still nursing while in nursing school. Mine youngest will be 2 in Sept and I really wanted to nurse past 2 (I nursed #1 for 25 months). Anyone else nursing a toddler (or... Read More

  1. by   Spidey's mom
    Just had to add that I'm an extended breastfeeding mom too. It didn't happen with my first child - only until 6 months - I was very uninformed. He immediately started having allergies and I had to put him on soy milk for a year with NO dairy products. sigh ... if only.

    Determined and with more information I breastfed my 2nd until he was 18 months; my 3rd until she was one month shy of 3 and now my 4th, at 3 1/2 still nurses occasionally. Usually when he is exhausted and falling apart and can't calm himself. He still asks first thing in the morning too. "Mommy milk?". Sometimes it will be two weeks and he will nurse and I say "Is there really milk in there". And he will shake his head "yes".

    To each their own - but really I love the fact that I did this and only wish I'd known more with my first son. I feel really guilty that I stopped at 6 months.

  2. by   Spryte
    Another EN mom here. (I have heard that a preferable term is sustained nursing, rather than "extended" nursing, because the term "extended" makes the act seem above and beyond the norm, while "sustained" sounds more like a continuation of a normal act.) I am currently nursing my 22 month old daughter and am pregnant with #3. My son, who is now 6, nursed until he was @3.5 and self-weaned. I am taking pre-reqs for nursing school at the moment and will be due in June, so I think it is safe to say I will still be breastfeeding (possibly tandem) once I finally get to nursing school. I'm active in LLL and also work part-time as a peer breastfeeding mentor for our county WIC program.

    Great to see all the nursing mamas here, (extended, sustained, or otherwise), the more we speak out and educate others the less "odd" nursing for longer then the cultural norm will become IMO. So good to see the Kathy Dettweiler link posted, I was going to add that one but someone beat me to it.
  3. by   mitchsmom
    Another nursing mama piping up...

    I have nursed each of mine longer than the last, first baby for 13 months (I misinterpreted the AAP statement to mean "nurse UNTIL 12 months" instead of "AT LEAST 12 months and thereafter as long as mutually desired... and I just didn't know what I know now).. anyway, second baby was for 2 years, and #3 nurses at bedtime and will be 3 on March 28.

    He nursed a lot more than that until the last couple of months, and it really hasn't been a problem with school, my kids have separated well. (Keeping in mind that I attend part-time). I guess you have to decide based on your child and how you think he'll personally react to separating.

    Nursing has always been the norm for me in my mothering years... the vast majority of my peers around me and my friends have nursed their babies. I have a young classmate in clinical right now who comes armed with her pump n style in hand

    I am also a bf counselor and I'll be sitting for the IBCLC board exam in July if all continues as planned

    for anyone who wants to learn more:
  4. by   brwnngj
    Yay Glad to see some other Extended Nursers. My daughter is 27.5 months old and I don't think she has any plans on stopping so chances are I will still be nursing come fall when I enter the nursing program