Which pre-req's have you enjoyed? - page 2

I know how we all love taking our beloved prewrecks :D so please share the ones that you have enjoyed the most.... Read More

  1. by   blueyesue
    So far I have enjoyed them. The least favorite was Written Communications which I took over the summer. We had many assignments, including breaking into groups where we had to form a fictitious business, create a mission statement, business letterhead etc. He also had us create over 15 business letters and emails for different situations in our business. We had oral presentations, and a 10 page research paper on a problem experienced in the profession we are entering. (I chose the nursing shortage) On the plus side, I did learn a lot, and the teacher was HOT.
  2. by   scholar
    Human Anatomy
    Human physiology
    Gen Psychology- loved the professor&material
    Chem lab- Hated the material but loved the professor.
    chem lec- hated the material but liked the professor.
  3. by   maureen2288
    I have to admit, up to this point I have enjoyed all of my pre-reqs except for public speaking (which I still got an A in!). I think mainly this is because I really like school and in the end it will all be worth it!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    I just completed my first semester of prerequisites, and I would have to say that Sociology was my most interesting class. I loved learning about the social classes, socioeconomic status, child-rearing styles, the conflict perspective, and other sociological points.
  5. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    At 160.00 a credit I liked none of them.

    Just kidding I like the sciences (except chem)
  6. by   MB37
    I actually enjoyed chemistry, and micro was my favorite class - tho also the hardest that I've taken so far. A lot of it felt like I was really learning something. A&P I've only take I so far, and have II next semester, but my professor is not very good. I got an A without even doing the large quantity of extra credit that he offered, and I'm not trying to brag. It seems like he's afraid to challenge us. The class average was an 85, so most people did pretty well. The other classes I can take or leave, and a lot of them I took several years ago with my first degree.
  7. by   SoulShine75
    I really enjoyed English Comp I & II. I love to write and I loved the teacher so that helped.
  8. by   mixyRN
    I must be a geek b/c I liked all the Math/Science courses. A&P 1+2, Micro, Chem and also the Developmental Psych was very interesting. I didn't care much for English or Sociology (yawn)
  9. by   KEVO05
    I have liked them all but Chemistry, but I enjoy chem just hated the teacher...spoke little to no English. 160.00 a credit...you're lucky!!!
  10. by   RN,BSN84
    I would have to say, i loved all my science classes. the rest i didnt enjoy so much!!
  11. by   puresass
    Quote from KEVO05
    I have liked them all but Chemistry, but I enjoy chem just hated the teacher...spoke little to no English. 160.00 a credit...you're lucky!!!
    how much are your credits? i was thinking $160.00 sounded INSANE! my classes (at a CC) are $20 per unit, so usually $60/class. :spin:

    when i took summer school at one of the universities in town it was $400/unit, though. so from that perspective $160 would have looked pretty good.
  12. by   KEVO05
    Depends when you ask, last semester they were about 200, but next semester they are 250.00, but they have promised us a locked tuition rate, but I doubt that will happen.
  13. by   DesertRain
    I loved my micro lab! That was my favorite class in which I enjoyed what we were learning about. My medical math class was awesome because my prof was hilarious!