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There seems to be a lot of questions on how important GPA is to get into a program. So I decided to start a thread where people can see , and average them out. We can all speculate on the... Read More

  1. by   MeekaNichole
    Quote from FutureCRNA?
    My GPA was a little over 3.7. My school (a state university with a BSN program) uses GPA to determine acceptance, contingent on meeting all the other criteria. I believe I heard that the lowest admitted GPA generally is around a 3.4. Usually about 150 people apply and about 75 are accepted.

    I've completed 1 semester of 4 so far with a 4.0. I have my eye on CRNA school in the future!!!
    That's great!!!

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  2. by   jetro
    Hi! I go to Miami dade college and they need you to pass all prereqs but they only use your gpa in natural sciences.I had 3.5 overall and I only got 3.3 gpa in natural sciences but I made my chance of acceptance better by high score in teas and I got accepted.
  3. by   nguyency77
    When I got in, my overall GPA was a 4.1 and my science GPA was a 4.3. (My school takes into account pluses and minuses). I will start the BSN program in a little over a week. I'm so excited, but so nervous.

    I had taken all the required classes except for A&P II and Patho II. After I finished those classes, my GPA was still the same.

    My school didn't look at work experience, essays, interviews, or any sort of entrance test.

    We take our first HESI A2 on orientation day, and it is only to determine who needs remediation in reading and math.
  4. by   marinelayer
    Undergrad 3.68
    Prerequisites 3.75
    One year internship at a local hospital
    Two years working as a caregiver for a women with demenitia
    Two years working as an EMT in a busy 911 system in LA county
    Extensive volunteer and international travel experience
    A s**tload of stress

    Was accepted to both schools I applied to. NYU and Johns Hopkins
  5. by   Amcanarn
    Mine was a 3.63 when I was accepted to a second degree BSN program.
  6. by   FutureRN514
    Quote from Kimynurse
    There seems to be a lot of questions on how important GPA is to get into a program.
    So I decided to start a thread where people can see , and average them out. We can all speculate on the importance, but to see the numbers, sometimes helps.

    I hope it helps some people. I hope we all achieve our goals.

    I start in January an RN program, my GPA is 4.0
    I think I had a 3.45 when I was accepted into my nursing program. I am currently at a 3.49 with three semesters left before I graduate.
  7. by   Sand_Dollar
    Pre-nursing A.S.: 4.0

    Nursing BSN: 3.93 (Dang B in Public Health)

    One more semester to go and I'm DONE, will be walking summa cum laude (with Highest Honors).

    My school acceptance is based strictly on GPA. The lowest GPA accepted in my cohort was a 3.76
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  8. by   BloomNurseRN
    I had a 3.74 when I started nursing school. I'm hanging on around a 3.3 or so for nursing school for a total of a 3.48. My goal is to 4.0 it my last semester to still graduate with honors.

    As far as getting in to nursing school goes, my cumulative GPA really didn't matter that much. Our grades from 4 classes, as well as our TEAS score, were added and weighted and that's how we got in. It was very competitive but I made it on my first try so I was definitely happy. :-)
  9. by   CareQueen
    Always remember that GPA is only ONE factor in your application. Yes it does matter, but I would encourage people to refrain from using it as a reason to curb a nursing career (or any career for that matter).

    My Undergrad GPA (averaged from three different schools): 3.30
    My Pre-Req GPA: (so far): 4.0

    When I applied to my Accelerated BSN program, I hadn't received grades for any pre-reqs yet so I couldn't include them, but I did submit an addendum to explain dips in my grades during undergrad (stress, finances etc.). I also have lots of varied work and world experience, most of which is completely unrelated to nursing. I think that's what helped me out a lot in the application process, being an atypical applicant.

    I was accepted into Johns Hopkins for their second-degree ABSN program, Early Decision at that! I start in August! So no matter how "low" you think your GPA is, you are a package deal. Not all admissions committees focus solely on grades.
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  10. by   marinelayer
    Congratulations! I start in May.
  11. by   HeartsOpenWide
    Quote from Kdrenee

    Finally someone with my GPA. There's hope
    3.5 is a perfectly fine GPA. Notice that those posting GPAS of 4.0 also post that their GPA has dropped since nursing school, mine raised in nursing school. Those of us that returned to nursing often had lower GPAs to start because we didn't know what we wanted when we were young, didn't care as much about our grades when were were young, and/or excel better with material that truly drives us (if I included only my pre-req GPA like many are here, I'd be posting 4.0 as well) I knew plenty of people that started with higher GPAs than myself that I passed up in nursing school...physiology, anatomy, micro, chem, don't require critical thinking.
  12. by   preciouspkgs
    My GPA before nursing school was a 3.0 (due to some bad grades when I was younger) and currently 1/2 way through its 3.9
  13. by   Raggmop02

    My GPA upon acceptance of the program was/is 3.97