What should I take first? Bio or Anatomy??

  1. I am wondering if I should enroll in Biology first or start my Anatomy class. I don't have much science experience....but I know I can handle the challenge. I'm just curious. Nursing is a second career choice for me, but I am almost done with my prereq. courses. Please help!!
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  3. by   PG02
    Is the bio an introductory class? If it is and you don't have much experience with science classes your best bet is to enroll in biology first so that it sets the foundation to the next class which would be anatomy.

  4. by   kharing
    I would definitely take Biology first - not that I had a choice at my school. Biology and Chemistry were required before Micro, AP 1 and 2.
  5. by   mimimartina
    My school required biology as a prereq to microbiology. If you are required to take it, take the bio first...
  6. by   TheCommuter
    My school does not require Biology to be taken first. Additionally, many people have successfully completed A&P and Microbiology without having first taken Biology.
  7. by   Pixiesmom
    I would recommend taking Biology first. It is a fun class, or at least it was at my school, and it will provide you with the ground floor knowledge on cells.
  8. by   NewCareer78
    Okay thanks everyone for the advise!!
  9. by   scholar
    Gen biology isnt a requirement at my university but I was cautioned by my advisor to take it as a prereq for anatomy.

    I just couldn't see myself wasting a semester. My first semester freshman year I took Human Anatomy and passed. Anatomy and biology are different. Anatomy is mostly memorization. Pursue anatomy! Trust me, You can do it. It is mostly memorization.
  10. by   Cherish
    Take Anatomy..unless Bio is a pre-req to Microbio.
  11. by   NaomieRN
    I know my school Biology must be taken before Anatomy. Check with your advisor.
  12. by   mnj0105
    I don't have to take biology at all. BUT...I did take it the first time through college. It only helped a little. If you don't have to take it, you might want to skip it.
  13. by   MB37
    Biology for me was a prereq for micro which was a prereq for A&P. However, I took micro in 2004 having last taken bio in high school in 1997. I took the AP test, so I had college credit for bio 101 and didn't have to take it again. I got As in both micro and A&P, and a lot of my high school info kind of came back to me - or at least it was easier to relearn and expand than with no background at all.
  14. by   thyme39
    I don't think you absolutely need General Bio to take anatomy. However, my college required it before A&P. I also think it gives you a good foundation for A&P. We looked at quite a few slides in A&P so looking at them in Bio was a good precursor to it. Also, Bio really helped me in Micro and Organic Chem. Learn the cell well and respiration. Even though you don't have to know all about it in Bio, you will see it again in Organic Chem and there's a good chance you'll see it in Micro too. I loved Bio.