What is the "hardest" course in nursing

  1. I am taking A&P I, and Monday I start AP II. This class is seriously intense, and taking over a summer session I am sure does not help.
    In pre-nursing, and nursing courses, what would you say was the most difficult class?? Thought it would be interesting to see what everyone thinks!
    I keep checking the college website to see what my final grade is, still not posted!!! I need to go to sleep, I was up very late studying!!
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    I say it depends on your thinking. In general you will do much better in med surg and much worst in psy nursing or vice versa. I had a lot less studying and stress during psy nursing however I know people who got A's in med surg failed out in psy. (and again vice versa ha) I got good grades in both however psy was just a lot eaiser for me. I liked A&P. I took A&P 1 over summer and #2 over the fall. It was very long over the fall! Hope you did well.
  4. by   ChicagoICU_RN
    I start my A&P I class monday...im a bit nervous...its six weeks long...any advice would be appreciated!
  5. by   oguesswhat
    Just keep on top of it. That's about it. If you can handle that then you know you are a little better prepared for nursing classes (as in they go very quickly)
  6. by   gipsonbee
    For me it was Pharmacology II. I took this in LPN school, it is the only course that I made a C in. I had all As and Bs until this course came along. Its all those drugs and side effects. Now that I am an RN I still have problems with meds but, thats what they make drug books for. But in the classroom setting you're not that lucky.
  7. by   CrufflerJJ
    Pathophysiology & Pharmacology were both more difficult for me than A&P. It may have been the professor, but the course material itself seemed more challenging (and interesting!).
  8. by   elkpark
    Different courses for different people -- how "hard" a course is compared to others is a v. personal experience.
  9. by   bluechick112
    I agree that it varies by person. Also a big factor in this is the teachers. You could have the WORST teacher in the world for English and the BEST teacher for Physio and thus deem English the hardest course.

    I'd have to say the HARDEST courses for me personally were Stats (I hateeeee word problems and such--I also took it online which wasn't very smart for me), Chemistry, and Micro~in that order!

    The EASIEST for me were of course the general classes like Engl and Psych, but out of the more "main" classes: Nutr, Anatomy & Physio. Super easy because I had EXCELLENT teachers!
  10. by   tigress_8207
    for me it was A&P 1
  11. by   Truth14
    Teachers remember determine the difficulty of a subject. Aside from that, my most difficult pre-nursing course was probably Anatomy II.