What is Chemistry Like?

  1. I have to take chemistry for a pre-req to nursing eventually. I never took chemistry in high school (private school, got to pick our classes) My nursing adviser told me I should take a general chemistry class over the summer before doing a nursing chemistry class? What is nursing chemistry like? Is it super hard and super mathy? (math is my weakness, unfortunately)
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  3. by   veggie530
    "Nursing" chemistry will be much more focused on tangible concepts and actually easier than general chemistry if you're not a chem-type. General chemistry involves some algebra, a lot of conceptual work.
  4. by   johnny depp23
    oh, brutha. Nursing chemistry is easier than Intro to Chem. which is, btw, a heck of a lot easier than General Chem. You're welcome!
  5. by   leenak
    I just took Gen Chem over the summer. I thought it was fairly easy but made for a hectic summer because the class/lab was 20 hours/week and I worked upwards of 60 hours/week.Most schools seem to require intro to chem prior to taking Gen Chem.
  6. by   LaceElaine
    We're in the same boat... I never took a chemistry class in high school. Now this next semester I finally have to face it... I'm very nervous because my school has the second toughest chemistry program in the nation (supposedly) ugh. But I've posted a couple threads about this same topic. Feel free to check them out. Many people gave me great suggestions on how to prepare, what to practice, what to expect, and resources. Good luck!
  7. by   i♥words
    I was required to take an introduction to chemistry class. It was really easy with minimal algebra. I don't really understand why you should take general chemistry first. Some things might overlap, but as was explained to me by my teacher, intro to chem (which is my school's nursing chemistry) is much easier and less in depth than gen chem.
  8. by   Jonahyona
    I think she meant intro to chem and not general chemistry. Sorry for the mix up!
  9. by   Cali_Nurse_209
    My BSN required a class called Biochem. For Nurses. It was a mixture of biochemistry, organic chemistry and a little bit of general chem. The math wasn't bad @ all, just like basic algebra and most problems had formulas. The class was tailored for nursing students so that also made it a lot easier. I guess it was easy for me because I took chemistry in high school and Intro Chem at the community college I had transferred from. But you shouldn't worry, once you get in the class you'll see that it's really not as hard as you think. Just stay on top of your studies, ask questions, use office hours, get a tutor if you need to. Most people wait until they start falling behind to seek help but it's best to get help before all that happens so you can stay on top of your studies. Good luck to you.
  10. by   tothepointeLVN
    I had forgetten everything I ever learned in high school chemistry back in the 90's but nursing chemistry was fairly straightforward I wouldn't take a prechem course when you could just study before the one that counts.
  11. by   JCruell
    I am currently (Summer 2012) in chemistry. I start climicals in August 2012. I never took chemistry in high school either and the class is a mixture of biochemistry organic and general but it is really really easy and my professor makes it fun... GOOD LUCK!
  12. by   VictoriaMareah
    My nursing chem focused on nursing math and NCLEX style questions! My teacher has been teaching it for 30 years so he had plenty of time to make the class perfectly tailored towards nursing students. Our labs focused on kidney dialyses, urinalysis, etc. It was a great experience for me