What Are Planning to Take Winter Semester? - page 2

Winter semester will be my second semester since starting back to school. This semester I have taking 5 credit hours which is 2 classes. Next semester I am taking 3 classes, 11 credit hours all... Read More

  1. by   Bananers
    Over the course of the next few months (Jan - July) I'll be taking Intro to Chem for Allied Health, Microbiology, Intro to Sociology. I'm currently enrolled in A&P II, General Chem II, English 102.

    I know it may seem weird that I'm taking General Chem II now and that I am taking the Intro to Chem class next....I'm retaking Chem II to fix a grade from 14 years ago. And, I want to take the intro class so I have a better background when I take Organic Chemistry.... Hope that doesn't seem too strange.
  2. by   karen230
    Right now I am only planning on taking the bio that I need to get accepted into NS. I'm hoping that I get it but if I don't then I'll try for one of the classes that I will need in NS (like sociology or psychology). I'll find out on Nov 19th if I get into Bio so wish me luck.
  3. by   Slimlady727
    Quote from motivatedone
    i'm taking micro, intro to sociology (got a d my first degree) nutrition, and hopefully (if i can get a special add) developmental psych (got a d my first degree in that class as well)...i just realized i got a bunch of d's my first go around.

    lol, me 2! now im kicking myself for it!

    hopefully, i will be taking nursing courses next semester!!
  4. by   rnmomtobe2010
  5. by   rnmomtobe2010
    English 11
    Intro to computers(to have 12 sem hrs.)
  6. by   missmarence
    i will be taking, CPR, A&P II, plus the lab, Microbiology and lab, and developmental psychology...

    i hope i am ready.
  7. by   bunkindoodle
    I will be starting my first semester of Nursing School, I will be taking Nutrition, Biochemistry, English, and Nursing 101. Nutrition and English are repeats for me.
  8. by   Asherah
    [FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Hopefully, I won't have to take anything! I'll only have to take one more pre-req, if and only if, I don't get into any of the three programs I've just applied to (to satisfy another schools requirement). I will hear back in mid-December, so if all goes well I'll have mid-December to mid-May off! Wish me luck...
  9. by   987!
    I graduated from High School and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life so I did nothing.
    I finally went back to shool this semester because I wanted to get a degree in something so I am taking English 101 and a Business class right now. After talking to people I realize I want to be a nurse so after this semester I am switching from Business to Liberal Arts so I can take more pre-req classes. Right now I am in ENglish 101. Next Semester I am registered for ENglish 102, Psychology, and Algebra. The following semester I am going to start A&P which I am nervous about and Sociology. I cant take too many classes because I work full time and I scared if I take too many classes I will do poorly. Id rather take only 2 or 3 easy ones at a time and get good grades.