UMSON Fall 2018

  1. I'm starting this thread in hopes of meeting other hopefuls for the Fall 2018 BSN program at University of Maryland School of Nursing. I've submitted my application, just waiting on my Official Transcript from Towson before I submit the supplemental papers for my application. I've also applied to Towson University. Feel free to share your stats as we all ride out the wait together. Good luck to everyone!
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  3. by   rinnecole
    I took the TEAS yesterday, and sent the scores. I'm just waiting on one letter of recommendation and then my application is complete. I've applied to one other nursing school as well, but I'm really hoping to get into UMSON. Are you applying to Baltimore or Shady Grove campus?
  4. by   Abluef1
    I've applied to Baltimore campus. How about you?
  5. by   Amiira3
    Yes! thank you for starting the thread. I want finalize my application tomorrow and my TEAs test is on 17th. I'm only applying to UMSON. @Rinnecole how was your TEAs experience and if you don't mine share you score . Thank you
  6. by   kathcoates
    I also go to Towson for pre-nursing! I decided to wait after this semester because my GPA is around 3.6 right now and I got an 80% on my TEAS . I'm hoping to apply after this semester and I think I'll hopefully get a better TEAS score after taking A&P2. Maybe we're in some of the same classes for the spring .
  7. by   rinnecole
    I applied to Shady Grove. It's closer for me.
  8. by   rinnecole
    @Amiira3 The TEAS wasn't bad. The reading and English sections were harder than I thought they would be. I did worse on those than I did on any of the practice tests. The math was pretty simple, and the science section should be easy if you've taken A&P2 recently. I got an 89% total score. Good luck!
  9. by   Amiira3
    @Rinnecole thank you I did all my science , I'm mainly concerned about the reading but thank you for sharing your experience.
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  10. by   j.dunlap
    Hello! I definitely want to connect with other UMSON Fall 18 hopefuls! This is my first time applying to nursing school, but I'm hoping that my stats are good enough to pull through. I applied to the Baltimore campus as well.
  11. by   Rb72390
    Hopping on here as well. All I have left is to take the TEAS on the 22nd. I do have a bachelor's degree and I've finished my pre requisites with all A's, but I'm not exactly sure how my GPA will be calculated at UMSON. At my local community college, my pre nursing GPA is a 3.74 from all of my transferred credits.
  12. by   j.dunlap
    @Rb72390 Cuttin' it close on taking the TEAS in late Jan, but I bet you'll rock it given the awesome grades you have! Just make sure you send the scores as soon as you can, so they get there on time. Is this your first time taking the TEAS?
  13. by   Rb72390
    Yeah I was worried it was a bit too late, but when I called ATI they said that scores are immediately sent. This is my first time taking it, yes.
  14. by   j.dunlap
    @Rb72390 oh good! Yeah, I'm sure they'll get there in time. I took mine in November, just in case I bombed it, but I got an 84.7% with a 94 National Percentile, so I was happy with that score! I bet you'll do great. The practice tests help a lot; it's definitely worth the money to use em.