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To the girl who texetd all through the math final I'm sooooo glad that you never came to class and still aced every test but some of us need to concentrate. And I'm also soooo glad that you applied... Read More

  1. by   D.R.A.
    To every single person in all of my classes who hates the fact that I got an A in every single one of them: #1. The first key to getting an A is coming to class. #2. The second key to getting an A is turning in all of your assignments, and turning them in on time. #3. The third key to getting an A is listening during class, and taking notes instead of texting!

    I appreciate the fact that some of you have 5 classes while I have choosen to take only 2 or 3, and that some of you have full time jobs to boot. However, I have a husband and 4 children, and believe me, that counts as a full time job. And my decision to not bite of more than I can chew each semester is something you should consider. Because while you have filled up your schedules in an effort to get out of college asap, you will find yourself spending double the money and double the time re-taking at least half the classes you signed up for due to overscheduling.

    To those of you who do have children, and/or work full time, and/or have 5 classes, and still manage to make an A.....I applaud you!! I know your hard work and earnest efforts are going to make all of your dreams come true.:heartbeat
  2. by   Mentos
    Why do people get hateful when you get all A's? I earned everyone of those A's! It's not like anyone handed anything to me. I worked my butt off, came to every class, did ALL the extra credit, and spent hours studying for every test. And you slept, texted, surfed Myspace, and never showed up. I'm sorry you thought you could learn through Osmosis!!!
  3. by   Phlavyah
    I have been doing very well in my science courses and I honestly want to help the ones who aren't. The mother in me hates to see anyone struggle. I approached the girl that sits next to me and gets nothing but "C"s, and asked her if she would like to study together or if she would like me to share my notes w her, but she snubbed me... I feel so bad...
  4. by   Brighten
    Sorry but this thread seems like a rant and unnecessary. who cares about what other people do.
  5. by   greeniebean
    Just for fun. But while you're at it you should stop by EVERY board and forum here and say that because they all have similar threads.
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  6. by   D.R.A.
    Quote from Brighten
    Sorry but this thread seems like a rant and unnecessary. who cares about what other people do.
    I agree with the mimib. And just to be clear, this is TOTALLY a rant, lol.
  7. by   Mentos
    Quote from Brighten
    Sorry but this thread seems like a rant and unnecessary. who cares about what other people do.

    Chill, it's just to let off steam so we don't yell these things in their faces! And yea, it is a rant, that's probably why it seems like a rant. Sorry I just gave out my last gold star to my 2 year old, or it would be all yours Captain Obvious. LOL.
  8. by   mariposabella
    Quote from mimib
    To the girls in speech class who actually went around asking all the other pre-nursing students how many points they had, and then telling them they'll never get in to the program with those points, and then telling them how to improve their score...just shut up. I hope I never have another class with you. You try to make yourself feel more secure by making others feel bad! Karma is a *****!!!
    WOW! They had the nerve to do that???!!!
  9. by   greeniebean
    Oh yea. Some people have no shame!
  10. by   Ash81386
    For part of my A&P2 final, we had to know how to draw 10 body systems, and the teacher only picked 5. # of the girls in my class went home the night before and drew all 10, that way they could just hand them in to the teacher! Then when the teacher handed out a different type of paper than the girls used, they just put their drawings in their laps and copied them onto the paper the teacher passed out to us.

    I hate cheaters. I work hard for my grades.
  11. by   JSheldon
    Or how bout how hard it is to even get into to the nursing programs in some places, and then you here about half of the class dropping out because they can't cut it. Or they find out it's not "glamorous" enough. What about all of us that are still trying to get in? That's what makes me sick.
  12. by   guiltysins
    I also hate people that tend to make a big deal because you got an A. I had a finite mathematics class last year and I got over a 95 on every test. Mind you I never showed my test to anyone, asked what they got or anything. People would be like "oh look I bet she got a 100 again". I came to every class and I took notes. Not to mention that I made it to the pre-calc class in my high school so that was nothing but a refresher for me. It's not my fault, it's the class I was placed in and I can't help that I already knew the stuff. This professor was the NICEST woman in the world, even if you accidentally used different numbers (cause sometimes your eyes can play tricks on you) if you did the problem right, she still gave you credit. She went over homework problems at the beginning of every class and gave you the answers.

    Same thing happened again last semester with my chem class. Got over 88 on every test. This class I didn't know, I just understood the information, took notes and actually did the end of the chapter questions which were similar or almost identical on the exams we had like our professor told us. We had an hour recitation class where you could ask her to do the problems from the book that you didn't understand. Don't blame the fact that she had a slight accent and talked low be the reason why you failed when you were SUPPOSE to bring the book with you to class so you could follow everything she was doing since she was teaching straight from the book 95% of the time.
  13. by   sharpeimom
    to the student who has called my husband at home every week for the past six semesters to ask either, "did you grade my test/paper/whatever yet? i just couldn't wait." or my personal favorite... "how many hours should i study for a 'c'?", i finally have an answer for when he's not home. "just a moment, please. i'll go get the chart for that class." to think i used to be so patient.