taking psyc 2301

  1. hi everyone! who are taking intro to psychology this spring? lets share our diff ways of studying
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  3. by   Meriwhen
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    Good luck with the class!
  4. by   queserasera
    I took this class a few semesters ago.. it was ridiculously easy. I didn't study once and got an A. I think you'll find a lot of it is common sense. Good luck
  5. by   x_factor
    I took it this past fall, I never touched my textbook, and I read over my notes from class about 20 minutes before the exam, and passed with an A. It's an insanely easy class, no matter if you have an easy professor or a difficult one (I had a PhD professor who was supposed to be "super tough", pffffttt... yeah right), the material just isn't that challenging. I'm sure you'll do fine, good luck.
  6. by   sjtrk
    I'm taking intro to psychology this semester as well. Only had one class so far but it seems likes it's going to be a fun class. My instructor is also a PhD and sometimes a little goofy but over all pretty awesome.
  7. by   luchy
    i thought as much! i heard my prof is very tough, that"s why i wanted to find out from those of u who ve taken the class. i did psychology back in the days but it wasn't here in d USA. thank y'all for ur encouraging words. i hope to do better in it.