Taking physiology before human anatomy

  1. Hi everyone. I'm a pre-nursing student that still needs to take human anatomy (biology 65) and physiology (biology 66). Due to my late registration date, I was unable to sign up for human anatomy and although physiology is available, I have scheduling conflicts and can't change it around. I'm planning to take physiology during the summer since the university I go to only offers the class in spring, but I've heard from some people that physiology is much harder if I haven't taken human anatomy yet. Would I need a strong base of human anatomy knowledge in order to do well in physiology?
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  3. by   MeekaNichole
    Yes you would. but it not like you'll fail the class. You'll do fine!

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  4. by   x_factor
    I do not advise taking physiology before anatomy. It's possible to pass the class doing it that way, but it will be much, much harder to do so. Anatomy is memorizing all the parts of the body and where they connect and are located. Physiology is how these parts work together. Anatomy is the "what is it?" and physiology is the "how does it work?". I couldn't see taking physiology without have taken anatomy first.
  5. by   kailynnsmom
    Yes, I would take Anatomy first. I did Physiology before Anatomy and after sitting in Anatomy lectures, I had that "Oh I See Moment". It would of made so much more sense if I had did Anatomy first and my Physiology grade would have thanked me for it.
  6. by   InfirmiereJolie
    My college doesn't let us take Physiology before Anatomy. Anatomy is a required prerequisite and so is Chemistry. I would question a school which lets its students register for Physiology before taking Anatomy and Chemistry, important prerequisites.

    Physiology is more challenging than Anatomy, as it is more challenging to visualize and it connects the concepts previously learned. When you take Physiology, they will be expecting you to have previously taken Anatomy and won't review for you. They will expect you to already know the terms and where everything is located in the body.

    I don't recommend it.

    (Had an A in Anatomy, 2nd in class of 80ish students, then recieved an A in Physiology, but a lower A than previously)
  7. by   violetgirl
    Hum, at my college you have to take Human Anatomy before they let you take Physiology... (unless it's a combo like l & ll in other

    college's) Maybe someone will drop out of the class and you can get in?
  8. by   SopranoKris
    You should check with an advisor (or at least the course catalogue) before enrolling. Most schools will not allow you to take Physiology before Anatomy. You really need a solid foundation in Anatomy before taking Physiology. How are you going to understand action potentials in the nervous system, if you're not familiar with the anatomical make-up? Or how electrical conduction works in the heart, if you don't know how to differentiate the atria from the ventricles or where the SA node is or what Purkinje fibers are?

    Technically, yes, you could potentially pass...but you're setting yourself up for a very difficult course without having the solid knowledge from Anatomy behind you. I would definitely suggest you take Anatomy first. Again, speak with an advisor...that's your best bet!
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  9. by   Raggmop02
    I would not recommend taking phys before anat. It will be easier for you to understand how the parts and systems work together if you know where they are located and how they are connected. I guess if you had to you could do it but it will take alot more footwork to make sense of it all. Alot more work that way and it could already be a busy course as it is.