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Would taking chem in a 6 week winter session be a Bad Idea? I'm going to do that and Psych, most likely, but I know really nothing about how stressful/not taking it in 6 weeks would be. Any opinions?... Read More

  1. by   jla623
    Hmmm...well I did it as a 5 week course, but it was only Intro to Chemistry. It wasn't so bad. I wish all classes could be condensed like that so that I don't lose interest. If you do take it, be prepared to study EVERY DAY.

    If I can do it and work full-time then you shouldn't have a big problem.
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  2. by   AtomicWoman
    Quote from tiarageek
    Thank you all for the advice! I just checked and there was an open spot in A&P so, I'm doing that instead. (And super happy that someone dropped. Yay.) I might try to do Psych or Urban Socio along with that... I'll register for one, anyway, and worst case scenario drop it. Again, Thank you all!
    Yikes! I'd rather do Chem in 6 weeks than A&P. Lots more memorization in A&P than in Chem. :uhoh21:
  3. by   naners0978
    I took Chemistry over summer session, which was 8 weeks, and pretty much devoted hours to it every day. If you are willing to do that, then go for it. After that class, however, I vowed never to take a science class during a shortened semester again!
  4. by   3rdgenRN2B
    ummm, yikes. but you gotta do what you gotta do. goode luck.
  5. by   tiarageek
    Hahaha. I'm totally starting to worry. Everyone has different opinions, which makes sense, but ahh. I may've made a Very Bad decision. As for all the memorization in 6 weeks... I'm hoping that teh short timeframe will force me to have to learn it all... but this may be a bad idea, yes. eeek.
  6. by   arciedee
    My question would be, are you better at algebra or memorization? Because I found chemistry to be a lot of algebra and A&P I to be a lot of memorization. Since this is your first college-level science course, I'd pick the one that works best with your learning style.

    My other question would be, did you take chemistry in high school? I was surprised to find my general chemistry class to be a big review of what I learned in high school. Obviously it was more in-depth than what I learned in high school, but I found myself recalling a lot of things that I thought I had long ago forgotten. If you just took high school chemistry fairly recently, I'd say you're probably in good shape to take it in a 6-week format (with lots of work in those 6 weeks, of course!). But I do think it would be doable. And I would probably suggest doing chemistry first, since I think it's easier to understand some of the physiological principles when you have a better understanding of the chemistry behind it.