Summer/Fall 05-what are you doing? - page 4

Just curious as to what everyone is taking. I am pretty much done with my prereqs-did all my science classes (except Chem) in one year with a 3.2 science GPA! I am trying to start nursing school in... Read More

  1. by   Regina66
    I am taking...A&P II
    Psy (Human growth & dev)
    Religion 101
    I applied to one school and couldn't get Financial Aide, but I got into the LPN program...I am in another school where I get Financial Aide, but I dont know if I am in the program yet...boy I hope they don't do that to me...I will seriously sit down and cry...
  2. by   nursecher

    I am new here. I am starting my pre-req's 06/13/05.

    Summer I taking pre-alg and bio 1
    Fall I am taking A&P 1, chem, and psych

    Hope I can handle the fall schedule. I have two little ones and a hubby at home.

    pre-student from PA