Study tips?

  1. This may sound ridiculous, but does anyone have any good study habits or tips? I've never been much of a study-er and I've never really known how to do so effectively. I'm starting nursing in the fall and I want to do well! Help?
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  3. by   Thujone
    Read, highlight, make questions, answer them over and over.

    If your teacher gives you a study guide, use it.

    Join study groups. If there are none, start one.

    Repetition has been my bread and butter.
  4. by   umbdude
    I read ahead of class then pay very close attention during class. I do my homework and redo the ones I have problems with. I also use online tools available as much as possible. I remember the big ideas of what I need to know, then repeatedly ask myself to talk to myself about it in details (either in my head or actually saying out loud). I do that while I'm driving, taking a shower, or on the T. I also re-read the book. If you work hard, eventually you'll find your study "niche" that would work for you.
  5. by   2bNurseCai
    Thank you guys so much! I'm trying to develop better habits over the summer by reviewing my anatomy and such before nursing starts for real. All good advice
  6. by   vampiregirl
    Thankfully with all the advances in technology there are more ways than ever to "study" and so many different kinds of resources available. Most the textbooks have online sites available these days. I was never a "studier" when I was in school, but I did great when I was working on my nursing degree.

    Nothing substitutes for being prepared and making sure all the assigned reading material is completed, but as far as "studying" for tests and figuring out how the actually retain the assigned material there are so many options available.
  7. by   Gsus
    First COngrats on Getting in!! lol

    In reference to study tips.. Definitely read ahead of time to have expsure to the material that will be covered. From there it depends on your preference of flash cards/study groups. I recommend that if you use flash cards, that you make the most of them. I found that by providing an engaing question, with a self made explanation was more effective than simple memorization. Try to get yourself thinking about the application of the material and connecting it with other ideas that youve covered.

    In reference to study groups, be careful who you study with. Study groups can actually be very distracting, depending on the individuals. Dont be afraid to lay a foundation/structure of what is expected of every individual within the group.

    Overall, study as if you have to teach someone else the material. I learned that if you are able to teach it to somone else, then you have a solid idea of the material.

    I hope this somehow helps
  8. by   ssaarraahh
    I agree with a poster above that said to use study guides if your teacher gives it to you. When I was in nursing school, our syllabus outlined everything we needed to know and I went off of that making lots (and I mean lots) of notes. And re-read what you do not understand or ask a friend or professor to clarify the information in a way that you understand.

    The other thing about studying for nursing school is not to memorize. I wish some people in my class would of got that message because they memorized the information without actually knowing and understanding the information. Honestly, once you understand the material, it comes easier.

    Congratulations on getting into nursing school!
  9. by   kmlnielsen
    I'm not in nursing school YET. But I do have degrees in nutrition and education. I learned this tip in one of my many workshops as teacher that your brain will retain 50% more info if it's in multi-color. So, I highlight my professors slides in different highlighters etc.
    When it's crunch time (the day before a test) and I'm in review mode I sit down with a white board and sort of quiz myself and write out any pertinent info in various colors. Writing things tends to help me and it keeps me focused. Brain research shows that writing on a large board across your body helps you remember it more verses a piece of paper.
  10. by   kdh5139
    One of my best studying habits has been to highlight, like most everyone on here has said! However, I also type up my own study guides. I write down my notes in class and then I transfer them over onto a typed up study guide which really helps me study, and it also helps to put everything on one piece of paper so that I don't have to fumble around with books to figure out what to study. So many students in my classes have such a hard time studying because they have bad study habits, so I admire you for trying to improve! Good luck!
  11. by   wildblueeyez
    I always did notecards in LPN school. words on one side - definitions on the other. that way you can mix up the cards and flip some over in the stack. when you see the word, define it. when you read the definition, say the word or disease.

    it's all a matter of finding what works for you.

    good luck and congrats!
  12. by   CaliforniaGrown
    I definitely need some study tips and advice. -___-