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  1. NCLEX RN June13th!

    I'm taking mine on Monday too!! Good luck!
  2. Hurst Percentage

    I take my test on Monday, these have been my hurst q-review scores so far (I've only taken 3): 71/125 (56%) 78/125 (62%) 69/125 (55%)
  3. June NCLEX takers

    I am taking my NCLEX on Monday, June 13! Using HURST, ATI, and the NCLEX Mastery app. I'll let you know how it goes!
  4. NCLEX and HURST 2016

    Hello everyone! I am taking the NCLEX on Monday, June 13th and am super nervous! I have been studying using HURST and some ATI practice tests in addition to the NCLEX Mastery app. I know that HURST recommends you get a 84/125 on the Q-reviews, which ...
  5. Study tips?

    One of my best studying habits has been to highlight, like most everyone on here has said! However, I also type up my own study guides. I write down my notes in class and then I transfer them over onto a typed up study guide which really helps me stu...
  6. Pikes Peak Community College?

    i am not currently in the program at ppcc but i am going for my pre-reqs in the fall. from what i have looked at, the lpn-rn program at ppcc looks promising though! have you looked at their website or talked to an advisor there? that has really helpe...
  7. CNA School Experiences

    Hello everyone! I am going to be taking a CNA course this summer and love hearing about previous experiences with the school, exam, and clinical aspects of the course! If anyone has any fun/interesting/encouraging/just plain icky stories I would love...
  8. Math Pre-reqs for Nursing School

    I have not taken statistics yet, but I am currently in College Algebra. I am not particularly good at math, but college algebra has not been too challenging yet. I took an intermediate algebra class last semester which really helped refresh my memory...
  9. My experience with CNA class and exams.

    I would like to thank you for posting this! I am going to start my CNA class this summer and this helped give me knowledge about what to expect! Good luck and thanks again!
  10. CNA Classes Question

    Yeah I think I am doing a clinical like you did at a nursing home! Thank you for your help!
  11. CNA Classes Question

    What all do you learn in the CNA classes anyway?
  12. CNA Classes Question

    Thank you!
  13. CNA Classes Question

    Hello! I am taking the CNA courses this summer because they are required to apply for the nursing program at my school. I am pretty excited to take them, but am not sure exactly what I should be expecting academically. I have not yet taken any pre-re...
  14. Pikes Peak Community College?

    Thank you!
  15. Pikes Peak Community College?

    Hello all! I was just wondering if anyone is currently going to PPCC or is wanting to go there? I will be starting this summer and just wanted to see if anyone else is going/goes there, and your opinions of it! I will be taking the CNA course and sta...