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Anyone else taking statistics this semester? Classes started today and I'm already feeling overwhelmed!... Read More

  1. by   Blove86
    HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, yea I might aswell sign up for tutoring
  2. by   txspadequeenRN
    i am joining up with the stats thread.. just started 2 days ago and feel like i'm sinking. it seems like so much information and so many definitions. well ill give it my all it can't be as bad as college algebra....
  3. by   Heloisea3
    I finished College Algebra and Statistics both in the spring, and I thought the Statistics wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed it. I was nervous about taking all of that math in one semester, but things turned out fine. Algebra was horrible for me because I had not had it since high school (back in 1988 and I failed it because I suck at math), and it wasn't required when I got my BA. However, the Statistics just made sense to me for some reason. I know someone else, though, who said it was the hardest class they ever had even though they made A's in all their other math classes. Go figure! Statistics is just so different from other kinds of math. It doesn't really require background knowlege. It is just plugging numbers into a formula. Go into it with a positive attitude. Even if you are HORRIBLE at other types of math, you can do good in Statistics. Just do your homework, and don't get behind. If you need help, get it immediately instead of waiting until the night before the test. Also, if you can, find someone to study with. Good luck!!
  4. by   RN,BSN84
    Good Luck to everyone taking statistics this semester!!