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As a 27 year old, I have finally realized how much I want to be a nurse. Unfortunately I have been out of school for nearly 10 years and am completely daunted by the idea of 3-4 years of schooling.... Read More

  1. by   MiladyMalarkey
    You can start doing the school thing for the next 3-4 years or you can just let them pass, not do anything, and be older wishing you had done it sooner. Time flies by faster than you realize and 10 years from now you'll wonder why you were worried about your age.
  2. by   Naturetrekker73
    Thank you all for your wonderful advice! Its so true, the time is going to pass anyways, I may as well make the most of it.
  3. by   Naturetrekker73
    That is so wonderful, Congratulations!!!
  4. by   Uozil
    If you get scared out of going to school right now, in 3-4 years you will be kicking yourself and wishing that you had bitten the bullet at the age of 27. Then at the age of 31 you will still have to put up with 3-4 years of school despite being 4 years older. Don't let your fear stop you. Also, if you don't want to spend 3-4 years of being a full-time student like an 18 yo, there are a lot of options out there for non-traditional applicants depending on your background and experience.
  5. by   mumto2monsters
    I'm 31 years old, with two kids, and a husband, and I just finished my last semester with a 4.0. I'm not letting age stop me from getting what I want and you shouldn't either. I want to be a midwife, unless something strikes me better, and that'll be at least 5 years on top of the 2.5 I have left. Totally worth it. Another friend of mine is in the same spot(she has a BA in psychology though.)

    Actually having had kids with a midwife is what put me on this path totally. So it took being older with kids to get my rear in gear.
  6. by   Vitabrevis1
    If you have the aptitude, time and dedication to study hard then you are at the absolute perfect time in your life. Old enough to have some idea of who you are as an individual and very young to handle the physicality that nursing requires. I do not know what you know about nursing or the field of nursing that you are interested in but be prepared for the good the bad and the ugly. Good luck!!
  7. by   Oldmahubbard
    I started my ADN almost 30 years ago at age 28, and that was about the class average. We had people in their early 50's as well!

    I was not the only one who already had a Bachelor's degree in something else and wasn't making a living with it. Most of the others had tried a few different things, waitressing and such, and came into nursing for similar reasons. Economic security, and the potential to get a job that was somewhat interesting, a very broad field with lots of opportunities.

    I haven't kept in contact with many of them but in general, they have done well, and I am not the only NP in the cohort.
  8. by   Abluef1
    It's never too late!! I am 29 with 5 children returning to school. It has been the biggest challenge of my life, but the time has flown by looking back. I haven't gotten into a nursing program yet, but I will be 30 when I do. It is better to do it now than to look back later in life and wonder "what if". You've got this! If it's something you really want don't let any age stigma stop you! I am 100% a better student as an adult. My time management is perfected and I know I'm running out of years so to speak and it's my money paying for it, so I need to make it worth it. Good luck in whatever you choose!
  9. by   Akrhinehart
    I'm 27 also, and I'm hoping to be accepted to a local CC nursing program for this fall! It was intimidating at first because I felt like I'd be the oldest person, I'd have forgotten how to be a 'student', or I'd stand out for whatever reason. However, not only have I yet to be the oldest person in any of my classes (not by a long shot), but I also got back into the swing of things pretty quickly. Like someone else said earlier, the time will pass whether or not you're in school. At the end of it, you'll look back and wonder why you hesitated at all.