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  1. mumto2monsters

    John Tyler Community College RN Spring 2021

    I see a number of you got in. Congratulations! A FB group is really important and you'll use it a lot. I will caution you on a few things. Complaints are fine, but be cautious about how you do it. Nursing school is not easy and you'll want to pull your hair out. You'll be like WOW!! kind of often. Vent, but be cautious. Support teams are important. Whoever is your support team let them know you'll need them seriously for the next two years. And get ready to give up a number of things. Mine was a very clean house. We're just starting to get back to normal on that and it's not easy. You'll give up something huge for this, but eventually you will get it back.
  2. mumto2monsters

    John Tyler Community College RN Spring 2021

    @Gingerails I don't believe so, but always be ready for changes. They happen often.
  3. mumto2monsters

    John Tyler Community College RN Spring 2021

    Hey, I happened to be up with insomnia and while doing some research on NCLEX I happened to see this post. If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them.
  4. mumto2monsters

    Fox News calls CNA a nurse

    My oldest daughter wants to be a nurse and would be one by 20 if she went for her ADN. She'll graduate high school at 16. I would hate for people to not think she's a nurse based solely on her age.
  5. mumto2monsters

    Are these pre-reqs too much?

    I don't see why this would take more than 2 years at 3 classes a semester. Otherwise I would definitely talk to an advisor and see what they have to say regarding work load, professors etc. How much is each class worth? The science classes are worth 4 credits for us, but for a friend of mine worth 3 credits then she takes a lab separate. Ours are combined. I took A&P I, Stats, and Lifespan together along with English and a college development course. Those are our pre-reqs for nursing school. I would also evaluate your strengths and likes and dislikes. I hate math so took that upfront to get it out of the way, and I'm taking my English classes early so I don't have to look at them ever again. I would divide up the chem classes and not overload myself with it because 3 chem classes in one semester would be hell for me.
  6. mumto2monsters

    Spring and Summer Semesters

    For us we need the A&P classes for the ADN, but the intro classes for the BSN, if we choose to go that route. I'm going to speak with the two colleges I'm looking at for transfer and get their input before moving classes around. Like if I don't need the math class I'd rather take Micro or something else in place of it.
  7. mumto2monsters

    Online Prereqs

    I live in Virginia and take all my classes online, including labs. Which aren't as easy as you'd think. We do have some labs that are hands on, but you order the kit and do it at home. I currently have a brain sitting next to our fish tanks. I hope the salt water doesn't spoil it, but that's the only place I could find I'd remember it.
  8. mumto2monsters

    Spring and Summer Semesters

    I've talked with my nursing advisor and she told me that I won't be able to complete a lot of my BSN non-nursing subjects while in school. Not that I was planning on doing that because I've learned that nursing school is very intensive on the nursing school part. But I have two semesters before I would be going to nursing school, as in I apply for a fall start next semester, and so I would have the spring and summer semesters to fit in as much of the non-nursing courses as possible. For the spring semester I've signed up for A&P II, English II, a math class, a psych class and a philosophy class. Two are needed for the ADN portion of school and the others for transfer. Over the summer I was considering taking a bunch of science classes Bio 101, Chem 101 and microbiology. Would that be too much you think? I'm passing my A&P I class with a 96% and I enjoy science. It would also get all of my science related courses out of the way and I could focus on nursing and my "toss away" classes (art and history) during nursing school until next summer.