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What classes are you taking for the spring semester. I will go first. Biology Chemistry Comp 11 Disease Process in the place of Microbiology I have my hands full and I get crossed eyed... Read More

  1. by   buckeye rosie
    I'm taking:

    Public Speaking
    English II
    Spanish I
    Lifespan Human Development Psych
  2. by   itsa307
    WOW you guys are impressive! I can only take 1 class at a time, I wish I could take at least 2 but that's not happening. I have 2 little ones at home and work part time but it's very hard for me to pull away for "me" time. I'm signed up for:

    Chemisty for Health Occupations (4)

    I can't wait for Summer registration to begin just so I can be set for another class. I know I'm a dork! Good Luck to you all with the HEAVY schedules!
  3. by   Hisown
    spring 2008:

    a&p 1 + lab
    a&p 2 + lab
    micriobiology + lab

    summer 1:

    intro chemistry + lab

    as you can see, i need all the prayers i can get so please keep me in yours :-)
  4. by   teampierce
    I'm taking:
    nutrition (online)
    political science (us government)
    history (civil war to present) (online)

    Yay.. easy after taking all that science stuff.
  5. by   Minty80
    I am taking 18 credits.
    English 111-3
    College chemistry-4
    Anatomy and physiology-I-4
    Pre calculus-3
    Developmental Psychology-3
    College success skills-1
    This am foreign student and this is my first semester in American school system. I hope I will be ok with this load. Just want to complete my pre-requisites as early as possible
  6. by   Dream2BANurse
    This is my first semester, Im taking:

    Bio 103 Principles of Biology (4)
    Eng 101 Eng Composition (3)
    Mth 116 Math Applications (3)
    Orientation to College (1)

    Im really excited to get started!
  7. by   rnmomtobe2010
    There has been a slight schedule change. I just so happened to login to our school's web page to see if there were any human development classes that had become available, maybe someone had dropped the class. Well, to my surprise, they had opened up a whole new internet class and I politely dropped chemistry and sub. it for human dev. I am not so thrilled but I would much rather take bio with a&p11 in the fall than human dev. with that class. I am feeling slighty relieved. We'll just have to see how much of my hair is going to fall out this semester!!
  8. by   lifesacomedy
    I, too, am one of the crazies:

    CNA Class NUR 110/111 (5)
    Nutrition (3)
    Micro (4)
    Chemistry (5)

    and to keep me even-keeled:

    Pilates (2)

    It'll be alot, but I think I can do it. We'll see.
  9. by   pjgarrett1388
    Here is my schedule for the spring:

    BIO 225 - Microbiology (4)
    HIS 201 - American History - Discovery to 1877 (3)
    PSC 201 - American Government (3)
    MAT 120 - Probability and Statistics (3)
    ENG 102 - English Composition II (3)

    I'm taking a total of 16 credits this semster. I'm transferring from a two year college to a four year college after the spring semster. I will only have one semster left of pre-reqs at the four year college so that I can apply for the nursing program. Good luck everyone!
  10. by   jessbee
    This is my first semester.
    I'm taking
    Human Development
    Intro to Psych

    4 kids under 10 here so 3 classes per semester is all i feel I can do and still get excellent grades.
  11. by   Gretchen, SN
    I'll be applying for a BSN program in June. This semester I'm taking:

    A & P II
    Concepts of Professional Nursing
    Developmental Psychology
    Technical Writing

    while taking care of a husband and two kids (6 months and 3.5 years) and working 16 hours on the weekends. I'm excited but soooo nervous. (Is there a smiley that's vomiting from anxiety or, more accurately, staring into the dark at night, unable to sleep because it's mind won't stop racing, wondering how it will survive the next 6 months? If anybody finds that smiley let me know.)
  12. by   Sarah Bellum
    The community college where I'm doing prereq's has 10 week terms so I have 2 coming up before summer starts:

    CNA course

  13. by   ORTech2RN
    I'm taking:

    Intro to Sociology

    working full time, but my goal is straight A's. It will be challenging, but I have faith that I can do it.