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  1. Thanks Neferet for all the tips! Would be really helpful to me in my practice as a new nurse.
  2. Hisown

    Call from a Nurse Recruiter!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have answers to these questions prepared: your strengths and weaknesses, why you want to be a nurse, why you want to work for that particular hospital/organization, why you should be chosen for this particular position, know what unit you prefer to work on and why and also let the recruiter know that you're flexible. Have a brief 30 second sales pitch prepped if she asks you "tell me about yourself". And just in case you call and she/he does not pick up, have a voice message prepared ahead of time...and remember to smile whiles you talk on the phone with the recruiter...always makes one sound much warmer and more personable. All the best!
  3. Hisown

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    My exam stopped after 75 questions and the trick definitely worked for me!!! Thanks to whoever discovered this!
  4. Hisown


    Staylost, sometimes it makes a difference if you personally walk into HR (dressed to impress in your classic interview attire and armed with a bunch or resumes) and request to speak with a nurse recruiter without mentioning (yet) that you have previously applied for any position. Face time would give you a better chance at really selling yourself and at landing an interview. You could also ask for a tour of the unit you're interested in, if the recruiter has a few minutes, and hopefully she will introduce you to the unit manager or you can at least find out the name of the nurse manager/director while on the unit (so you can call or email them later). You can also try calling the hospital's main line and asking the operator who the nurse manager is for whatever unit you're interested in or if you have the name already, just ask to be transferred to their line and leave a well-crafted message to sell yourself. All the best in your search!
  5. Hi jlharris1, I dont quite remember when the residency positions were first posted. The first time I remember seeing them online was in October 2009. See u at orientation
  6. I applied online for the residency program and received a call from one of the recruiters. She then invited me to attend a Dream Day - and after shadowing nurses on 2 different units, I got to interview as well. All the best with your job search!
  7. Hisown

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time??

    I took my exam earlier this morning and did the trick about 2 hours after I got home. I got the good popup!!! i'm really keeping my fingers crossed that I passed! Congratulations to everyone who passed!
  8. I look forward to meeting you both! Congratulations to Happiness5
  9. Hisown

    CNA during nursing school, good idea?

    Working as a CNA or even a unit secretary (sometimes) is one big foot in the door! All my classmates who worked as techs or CNA's were hired either on the same unit or were placed on another unit immediately after graduation! Definitely a go!
  10. Hisown

    If you cold called nurse recruiters, etc

    Come up with a brief 30 second (to a minute) sales pitch for yourself and be prepared to answer a few basic questions they might ask you like what your strengths and weaknesses are (with examples of situations that prove these and also how you are working on your weakenss to turn it around), why you want to work at their hospital, why you want to be a nurse and what you bring to the table that makes you a unique hire. Practise with friends and family, and remember to smile while having a phone conversation - let's your warmth and personality shine through your voice. Also prepare a carefully crafted voice message you can leave for the recruiters to return your call - enunciate your name and mention your number twice. My advise - visit the nurse recruiters if you can and ask for tours of the units if possible. You may get to meet unit managers and possibly get an interview. In the meantime, try to shadow nurses at your local hospital or volunteer at a hospital to increase your chances. Whatever you do, try not to keep applying online without following up with the application - online applications are often dumped into a huge database never to be reviewed again. Keep calling! Don't give up! All the best in your search
  11. working in the medical-surgical area
  12. Are there any other new grad RNs starting at Washington Hospital Center in the February Residency program? What speciality area would you be working in? Would also be great to hear feedback from RNs who started there recently or who have worked there for a while. I'm super excited to start!!!
  13. Have you considered working with the US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps? It's a branch of the uniformed services but under the Surgeon General (and not the Department of Homeland Security so no deployment to war). My Husband is a member and he loves it. They have great health and retirement benefits! If you don't mind travelling or moving you could work with the Indian Health Service, the FDA, CDC or even NIH etc as your career grows. Check out their website - www.usphs.gov and if you have any questions call 800-279-1605 for more info
  14. Hisown

    Sewing Patterns for Scrubs

    You can even get scrubs patterns (sometimes) at the sewing section of your local Walmart. They usually have drawers full of patterns. Look through the pattern catalog the pattern number and search in the drawers for the right pattern. Also find patterns at any other sewing or fabric stores
  15. Hisown

    NCLEX 3500 Link Help

    Thanks so much! Ih ad the old link that's currently inactive...this is a Godsend