Should I take AP2 and Micro together?

  1. I am debating on whether or not to take AP2 and Micro together this Fall. I want to apply for the Fall 2013 Nursing program at my local CC and two other local colleges. They all mostly look at the TEAS score then go down the list looking at the classes/grades...but having taken Micro and having it on my app (due in Jan 2013) will give me a few extra points. I dont want those few extra points to be the reason I didnt get accepted BUT I dont want to NOT make an A. I have all As in my pre-reqs so far.

    If I was single and no kids I would not hesitate but I am a married SAHM of three boys (8, 2 and 1) and will be getting a CNA job (PRN schedule) so I know it will be VERY hard to study and do all that.

    Anyone been in my shoes (or similar) and have any advice?

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  3. by   retiredlady
    I did that many years ago, very hard with both. I would separate them and take one at a time, esp. with a family. Lots of studying.
  4. by   Jess0709
    I have 2 boys (3 and 5) and did micro and ap2 last semester, it was not easy. I didn't work fortunately, because I would go to class, drive home and study for at least a couple hours a night, the way the professors had the tests scheduled I was taking a test every week. One week Micro the next anatomy or the physiology part. I now wish I would have separated them, I was so stressed. I made it out ok, but it's not easy and my poor boys only ever saw mommy with her face in a book all last semester. I'm glad it's over! It's doable if your determined, but its pretty hectic when you are wanting to keep your GPA up.
    I'm doing CNA now that I'm on summer break so I can get experience while I wait for clinicals to start.
  5. by   Ceciliailicec
    I did it last semester and made B's ..... You can do it.....
  6. by   Getting To Great
    I am also debating as well...I want to apply for the Summer/Fall 2013 NP, I also have a job and a child to care for. I still don't know what to do.
  7. by   sayitaintso
    as the other posters before have said it can be done, but only do so if you are going to put in the effort and time to study if you don't think you'll have the time to study then i suggest you do them separate, the OP seem to have allot oh her plate...with that said do you think you are going to have the extra hours per day to study?
    well whatever you choice good luck with your classes.
  8. by   jojo283
    I wouldn't personally choose both of them together. But, if you think you can handle it- go for it!
  9. by   pinayluv78
    I took physiology (the schools around here want anatomy & physiology taken separately) with microbiology & nutrition last semester & got all As. I have 2 kids but I do not work. It is definately doable if u can put in the time.
  10. by   FDW630
    I wouldn't try to take them both together. It can be done, but barely, and with much sweat and tears!!
  11. by   >JustBreathe<
    I did it last Fall. I got an A in A&P2 and a B in Micro. I am a stay at home mother of two. I don't work and I studied my butt off. I didn't find it too difficult. Sometimes it gives you a deeper understanding because subjects will overlap each other. Although my Micro professor was deeply against anyone taking both at once, there were several of us that did it and made it out with great grades. My A&P2 professor was a little more realistic stating that it can definitely be done but not without sacrifice. He was correct. My professors were husband and wife so you can imagine the stories between the two of them lol. Anyways. Yes. Can be done. But be prepared to work hard. Good luck!
  12. by   mrsmommy
    Thanks everyone! Congrats to those who took both and did so well! Thats awesome and very encouraging! Sorry I didnt get to respond earlier. I took my CNA exam this weekend and passed! One less thing on my plate now
    It does sound like Mommy will be MIA if I take both at the same time. I'd really rather give them one on one attention but I think what I will do is take my TEAS exam next month and if I do really well then I will take them in different semesters. Mostly bc the main school I am applying to focuses on the TEAS scores before they even consider your general ed course points.

    It is so nerve wrecking getting everything together to apply to nursing school and then the god awful wait once you apply!