Should I stay with my parents or move closer to the campus? - page 3

So my parents and I have been having some heated arguments over this. I live 45 minutes away from the nursing school. They do not want me to move out (it would be too long and too tedious to explain)... Read More

  1. by   Sabreen
    Yeah, who says you have to live on campus to experience college?! Okay I feel so much better now about commuting haha
  2. by   Sabreen
    Was the transition back home really difficult with the odd hours?! And yeah, I know my parents wouldn't mind helping out in any way they can. If anything I'll just step out in the patio and study there when my siblings get too loud! Thanks!
  3. by   Sabreen
    Yeah I have like a million younger siblings and even my parents themselves don't know what it means to be quiet. But the expenses outweigh the noise at my house haha I'll just have to work something out with them! I'll probably step outside or go to my local library as well!
    I'll look more into the RA thing! Thanks!!!
  4. by   Graduation2016
    Earplugs work wonders! Got 3 very loud boys at home plus 2 dogs that bark at EVERYTHING and EVERYONE!
  5. by   Saysfaa
    I think it is probably unrealistic to expect your family to be quiet, especially as quiet doesn't seem to be a baseline for your parents. However, there are likely to be other solutions to that too, although you may have to get creative.

    My family had to work with noise/homework issues too. And with having one computer with six of us in school and expected to have access to a computer. We solved both issues mostly with communication and time-of-day timing... it is usually very quiet at 4 am. Although that might not work as well for you because you will have less issues with sleepiness if you get regular sleep. Or it might if you can sleep through the noise or use white noise and ear plugs and make your "night" from 8pm to 4am or 7pm to 3am. Or 3 pm to midnight. I tended to do the 8 to 4, my daughter the 3 to midnight, so it can work. We could both sleep through what we couldn't study through.

    Local library? Your church or a local church that might know you well enough to trust you to borrow a table in an empty room? Friend's house? Perhaps an elderly woman or couple who could use a friendly greeting as you come and go. Or someone who wouldn't mind having someone keep their dog company during the day. If your family has a friend who owns a business, what about the staff break room at their business?

    I've done hundreds of hours of studying in a car over the years. In my case it was because I was waiting for my kids (five kids + many years + mulitple activities for each kid + no cell phones = lots of waiting) but the reason doesn't matter so much as that it can work. You wouldn't want to do all of your homework there but perhaps enough.
  6. by   NightNerd
    Haha, yep, I can definitely understand about having younger siblings. It was worth a try, lol. In that case, a nearby library or coffeeshop sounds like a reasonable alternative, and you'll probably be at school studying with other students between classes as well. Just make sure you can get the rest you need at home and it will be manageable.
  7. by   morte
    Networking.....when you start school, ask around to find out who is staying "in town", perhaps you can make arrangements to stay over a specific noc or nocs if classed run late on those specific days. and commute home the rest of the time.
  8. by   NurseJacqpott

    I live 45 min away from school I have to go 3 days a week and 1 hour away from my clinical site that I have to go to 2 days out the week. I moved out...and when I decided to go to nursing school...I moved back in.

    As other posts says that 45 min drive will make up for the stress of every-day-living-at-home-by-yourself-stuff.

    You are sacrificing a few years of your life to build a strong healthy foundation.

    Just think about how gratifying it would be to tell your parents "Thank You" by sending them on a nice weekend trip to Vegas or a cruise...or get their house painted!

    As the ol' folks say, "It will be greater later".