Retake any prerequisites?

  1. Hi, everyone! This is only my 2nd post so if this is in the wrong forum, please let me know.

    15 year's ago, I took and completed Introduction to a B, English an A, and General a C. I was 20 and had a lot of other things going on that I foolishly gave priority to so I did not complete my prerequisites or go on to nursing school.

    I am am now looking at nursing school again. I have a few prerequisites that I would need to take before applying but because I passed those three, I do not have to take them again. My question is, should I? I would need to take Microbiology and I'm wondering if re-taking Biology would be important for that. Also, I'm not sure how much I remember from Introduction to Psychology and should I retake that before taking Psychology? I'm not worried about retaking English, though.

    Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!
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  3. by   cleback
    I do remember some significant overlap between cellular biology and microbiology. However, probably the bigger question is whether the nursing school will count your new grade if retaken.
  4. by   Lisacar130
    If the college actually accepts classes from 15 years ago... I would still retake that biology class because you only got a C and you'll need better grades than that to get accepted. I wouldn't worry about psychology if they'll accept it from so long ago.
  5. by   Aliens05
    I suppose each school or state may be different in terms of what they will accept, however I am 31 and when I went back to nursing school just recently they would NOT accept any math or science classes over 5 years old so I had to retake every single math and science class that was required by the school/state for the nursing program. I did not have to re take classes like english comp or psychology but all science and maths I did. Your situation could be different however depending on school and location I suppose, good luck.
  6. by   forevernursem

    I would definitely retake the biology class. First off, I don't think colleges even accept science classes from that long ago. For example, the college I'm at only accepts science credits taken within the last 5 years. Also, retaking the biology will give you a good foundation for micro.
  7. by   broughden
    No one can really answer this for you. Why? Because every school is different.
    Some schools won't accept any class older than 10 years. Some will allow you to retake prerequisites, but some won't. Some schools list Biology as a prerequisite but some don't.

    You need to get a list of schools together you are interested in. Call their admissions office and ask.

    But IF the school will accept a ten year old class? I would still retake the Bio class. The C is not competitive at all.
  8. by   LubbDubb77
    I would definitely retake biology because of the grade you got. Also, knowing biology will serve you well throughout the other science classes. I would not retake english, take the A and move on. As for psychology, I think that would depend on if the school you are applying to gives a weighted score to psychology. Check out how the admission points are awarded. One of the schools I applied to gave psychology no weight; so, as long as I passed with a C or better, it made no difference. If they do give a weight to psychology, I'd retake it to get as many points as I could.

    Overall, just look at what classes your school will accept. Some colleges have no expiration and then some have a 7 or 10 year expiration. English probably won't expire and I am not sure on the psychology.