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  1. Hi guys!Last week I took the TSI test (entrance exam into community college) and passed all but the math. Now I am having to take a remedial math before I can move on to the college math. Do you think it will make any difference when I apply to nursing school? After all this test is only for determining what classes you should take to begin with.
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  3. by   LMRN10
    I don't think it will make a difference, but all schools are different. I think they will be looking at those classes that count towards your GPA. I passed the Math portion of the test and I still took the Math class just to make sure I had it down. The fact that you are taking that math class should not matter in my opinion and more than likely it won't, but maybe just call the college and see just to make sure. As long as you get the grades and do what is expected of you for the program, I would think you should be just fine!
  4. by   curlysue82
    Thanks alot! That makes me feel alot better.
  5. by   Batman24
    It will make no difference. Their main goal is to just make sure that you are prepared once you get into nursing school. :spin:
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  6. by   WDWpixieRN
    I wouldn't be concerned....that's all pretty standard.

    I was in my late 30's when I returned to school to work on a general transfer associate's and tested in to Basic Math. I was a bit frustrated as that meant FOUR semesters of math to get through College Algebra, but math had never been my strong suit in high school.

    A neighbor's sister is a high-school math teacher and she told me to start where I tested and build a strong math foundation to get me through college algebra. I finished College Algebra with a strong "B" (missed the "A" as I took a trip with a college club during the semester and missed some vital instruction!).

    I'm now in my second semester of NS (at 50) and have very little problems with the math. To me, once I understand the dosing concept, it's all pretty basic compared to some of that stuff I studied in College Algebra!!

    I've never had anyone question my math -- the main thing they're looking for is that you have successfully met the minimum math requirement with the grade that is required. I definitely wouldn't let this worry you, but you can always check with the schools you're interested in!!

    Good luck!!
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  7. by   diamondmeadows
    I just want to say that you shouldn't feel badly about taking remedial math. It was a really good and helpful experience for me. Throughout my entire life I thought I was just naturally bad at math and did not have the ability to be successful in it. I came out of my remedial algebra class with a new attitude and a strong math foundation.

    I took remedial algebra last spring (had a truly awesome instructor) at community college, and I took a pre-calculus class during this past fall at university. I was very successful in the pre-calculus class, and I couldn't have done it without that remedial class.

    My point is that if you go into your remedial class with enthusiasm and work hard at it, you might get a lot back. I know I did. Good luck, and I bet you will do great!
  8. by   prinsessa
    I had to take remedial math and I am pretty good at math. I just couldn't remember the formulas when I was taking the test. I'm glad I took the remedial math class because it refreshed my memory before taking Statistics.